Time to break into the camps

Time to break into the camps
Fri Sep 24, 2004 02:00

In a few years the prospect of breaking out of one of these camps will be much more likely if they are broken into today. Right now the camps are only lightly guarded if at all. The task at hand is to break into the camps and stash weapons,ammunition, food, medicine, tools, radios and other supplies for the future.

That way any break out operation can be run both from within and without the camp providing a greater chance of success. Just before the breakout is staged arrangements are made for several patriot operatives to be "captured." While in the camp, they locate and uncover the supplies and organize a party to carry out the in-camp duties of the plan such as strategically slitting a few throats, cutting a few wires, providing distractions etc, with whatever usable equipment is on hand.

I suggest at bare minimum, several pairs of good wire cutters, bolt cutters, lots of knives, asprin and some canned food. A buried cache of civilian clothing would also be desireable. As many pairs of pants and plain shirts as possible. Condition is of no concern. It will be infinitely easier to blend into the crowd wearing anything other than an orange jumpsuit. A few cheap handguns with ammo and some powder with fuse cord would be handy. The empty food cans can be used to manufacture crude bombs and grenades.

To cover your actions leave some punk graffiti and a bunch of empty beer bottles lying around to make it look like just kids out for kicks on a saturday night. They won't look any further.

If you really wanted to get busy you could try things like digging down around a fencepost and cutting it part way through then piling the dirt back up around it. Leave it strong enough to stand up on its own but weak enough to snap clean off and fall over when pushed on from the inside. Ditto for the guard towers. Loosen some of the wires holding the fencing to the poles so it can easily be pushed out. Anything you can do to make the place insecure is a bonus.

This opportunity isn't going to last forever, best to take it while its available.

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