camp liberation ops

J. Corbin
camp liberation ops
Thu Sep 23, 2004 16:10

These camps will by nature be heavily armed and well defended, so overcoming the opfor will require some resources, intel and good planning. A quick, shock strike and even quicker bugout of those successfully liberated will be mandatory as the enemy will have ample resources to hit back hard and fast so consideration of those threats will have to be made in planning. This kind of operation will have to be done by a joint effort of freedom cells-it may ironically be the easy part.

A second, more serious issue will be what to do with the liberated detainees-assuming sucess? They will have to be fed, tended to medically and psychologically, and housed. This will require resources and a guerilla economic base to absorb those liberated into either productive roles or as regrettably, cannon fodder. Food resources will have to be budgeted, additional supplies of all kinds stockpiled. Some coordination as to who gets what people according to skill level and occupation will have to be preplanned to make this inherently chaotic operation go as smoothly as possible. This will have to be integrated with a larger master plan of guerilla economics and military weapons production-should such a war go well enough for any freedom fighters to HAVE become strong enough to be able to produce their own weapons. And we will as I doubt if agents could be successful in acquiring foreign sourced weapons due to America's geographic isolation and the absolute dominance of the oceans by the enemy.

So, conclusion: liberating a concentration camp unless done in the earliest days of a potential revolution when things are chaotic for everyone will have to regrettably be put on the back burner until freedom fighting units can gather enough strength and resources to, not only suceed in storming a camp and making a quick get-away, but also in preplanning where the people will be dispersed and utilized, and taken care of. In the meantime, thousands, perhaps millions will suffer and die in the greatest holocaust on American soil since the wars of conquest against the Native Americans.

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