Bin Laden the patsy

Bin Laden the patsy
Thu Sep 23, 2004 12:00

To say Americans are stupid & have dog shit for fucking brains really does dog shit a dis-service.
The whole of the 9/11 "terrorist" hoax was in fact to snuff out elements in the CIA who were deemed hostile to Bush Snr & Junior & GW Bush's right wing loonies..
There were numerous CIA offices destroyed that day,..two in the WTC buildings & another purposely demolished & made to look like it was the WTC impact that caused the building to be un-safe.
The Pentagon was attacked by a small fuel tanker plane & not a passenger plane,...hench only superficial damage to the Pentagon structure....(no titanium engine parts, under carriage etc....which can withstand huge temperatures).
The point of impact on the Pentagon was also laser targeted & the remote controlled impact planes were used to demolish the operatives inside certain offices. These personnel were also hostile to GW Bush & his father.
The Yanks are so dumb they believe that patsy Bin Laden planned the 9/11 attacks when it is plain to see from the slowed down video's of the WTC attack that missile pods were strapped under the fuselage of the plane,...and fired milliseconds before impact.
Other international TV film crews captured on film a white patch of light moving across the WTC building directly to the point of impact, other words "laser targeting".
A remote controlled military tanker plane loaded to the gills with fuel ,...& it that had NO windows in it as seen by numerous witness's.

SO WERE ARE THE REAL PASSENGERS THAT BOARDED ALL THE FLIGHTs when remote controlled planes were used?
Air traffic control & newspaper reports put one of the planes as landing at a nearby military base.
Why haven't the FBI obtained search warrants for these bases to find the missing "passengers"

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