American's. a prelude to the coming Apocolypse.

Eric James Rainbowlt
Americans, a prelude to the coming Apocolypse.
Sun Sep 26, 2004 18:03

Americans, a prelude to the coming Apocolypse.

Letter to all the rest or the people all over the World written on September 25th, 2004:

This author has already written a letter meant to be read by all Americans, a prelude to
the coming Apocolypse.

It is in the form of an essay, and a book free for viewing & download at
and other websites that may have saved these pages, graphics, and multiple videos and
re-posted them. May blessings fall upon those who have.

Do you personally think that there are some issues and perceptions, differences, that the
West has with the East and likewise the East has with the West? Do you personally
think it is worthy of a bit of discourse, or conversation between all 7 Billion of us
before we together experience another world war? Is the ten minutes it would take for
each of us out of our day to read this letter worth it?

Would it be good to get the the heart of the matter of why 1 billion people in the West
have worsening issues and problems with 6 billion people on the East, and similarly the
other way around and rightly so for the imperialistic agressions of the West for many
decades, surprisingly in this hyper connected world with satellite video and the internet,
available everywhere?

This writer has gone tired attempting to warn Americans that they are under a giant sized
deceptive attack of their own government. Americans proudly think of themselves as too
priviledged or scared out of their wits to be concerned about deceptive nazi government plots
against them or government tyranny in general. The rule seems now to be: Try to Hear No Evil,
Try to See No Evil, Try to Speak no Evil. Try to Do no Evil. Turn on the TV and get sucked into
distractions and make-believe.

So we have a lot of relatively quite, relatively nice, just spoiled and fear-induced
people in the West under a long running deceptive attack from within their government
who are now ready with such provisions for them such as: concentration camps,
pandemic plaugues with an arial distribution method, deadly vaccines, and openly stated
ideas that many would consider the well known and dreaded "mark of the beast".

America is one of the last bastions of perceived freedom, yet the life support is
about to be unplugged. However, Americans are not free. They are just psychologically
conditioned by the television to feel as if they firmly rested on a higher plateau or
cloud of freedom than others in the world. This writer guarantees all that America is
currently being run privately and in the shadows by a handful of names intentionally
suppressed and not known to the public; names such as Rothschild and Rockefeller.
This writer also guarantees that there is no method for one voice of any of us to be heard
clear across the nation and world other than through vigilant sets of people who will
forward this letter around via email and print it for others, despite the suppression
of it, translating it if necessary, to all the people of the world. Although this letter
is meant for all the brothers and sisters of the world outside of America, we should
perhaps even include all Americans in the requested distribution of it too.
Clearly the more the merrier.

The bottom line is that if America loses freedoms, freedoms will equally drop
in other places in the world - and fast. What this writer is reporting is
that there is already a world government plan in the works for the extermination
of 95% of the world's population by the combined military and police forces of all the
conspiring nations. The UN (United Nations) is ultimately to be handed the strongest
voice in the matter; and the most powerful of nation-states within the UN have been
conspiring together in it first.

These are the facts. This is what can be termed "truth". It can also be called
"unbelievable". It will affect us all.

May the Will of The Father be Done. If you personally are on the side of the
executioners, this writer begs you to reconsider. If you are on the side of the
lambs and the sheeps, then please let all other lambs and sheeps and goats know about
this plan in every country around The Father's beautiful and green Earth.

A beautiful ending to all this may be the devil not getting quite as far what
was originaly written already in the good book, and we should be overly thankful
for as much as the Father is merciful in these times. May this letter be carried
by the four winds of heaven and earth to all people of all the various beautiful
cultures and once sovereign nations.

To the West, you should know in your hearts what is Best and we have all put the
Father to the Test. And to the East, do not think the destruction of Americas is
a Feast, to only then let evildoers in world government give you the mark of the

Can we all agree that this clearly present and biblical warning is worth sharing
around the world for everyone to set their eyes on it?

We are all under attack in these times. It is being called the "New World Order".
Resist the global killing. Resist the lies. Do what is only right. Please forward
this message to everyone you know connected through the internet, over and over
again. Print this letter out. Greet all others as your sisters and brothers.
May you personally hand it to many others.

Written in Truth and Love,
Eric James Rainbowlt
Austin Texas, 512-280-5835


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