Island Sinking, Comet flyby,
Island Sinking, Comet flyby,
Sat Sep 25, 2004 03:28

If it is true that the Island of Tortuga has disappeared as reported by several foregin news agencies as well as Mitch Battros, then we may now be assured that we understand why all Navy ships have been out to sea. It is now not so hard to imagine that "Comet Orbit" the military operation going on in North Carolina this week is in relation to. Toutatisis coming in on its' eliptical orbit that leads only 4 au (moon distances) from our backyard....and on a Volcano report board I saw where in excess of ten volcanos have been cutting up in a mere two days. Another report said that of the 16 hurricanes since 1967 to hit Florida was Frances....and four of the sixteen I believe will be seen in a five to six week period of time. The chips are ready to mark the "children of the beast" and sure someting evil this way cometh, however, as I understand the Father, Creator, will have his say, as He is, in reality the ruler of all...all includes Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, whatever you prefer and his mionions, the evil minions of satan that lie, who are weak in their complacency, like for instance the "leader"....that was hard to vocalize..the leadership of America is distateful to be very polite, or unacceptable as my Mother would impart before they killed her with non-small cell carcinoma...yes the Vaccines in the 50's contained cancer causing agents and even cancer cells themselves. But you see I was luckier than Mother, for mine only contained Mercury causing ADHD. I just don't believe that the entirety of our grandparents generation purposely allowed the development that has led to this moment in history in terms of "liberty and freedom for all". No, indeed now, what is before us for contemplation is murder, chaos and mayhem as well as so much confusion...authored by Legion themselves. The Father, Creator, the One who is Love still yearns for his children and is still listening for the sound of each voice. It is celluar code, The Father takes no chances on losing a child. There is only one surefired way I can conceive that will bar you from the preferred state of existence...and that is the condemnation of taking the "mark" of Cain...of the beast. No matter, agnostic, muslim, islam, christian, jew, hebrew..methodist, baptist, lutheran, calvinist,church of god, catholic, protestant, if it is Love then it is the spirit of God we will find our way home and what the flesh says we are is a lie. It does not matter what your skin, or your ethnicity because we are all (except for obvious evil) brother and sisters and I have a feeling it's just getting good....but in a really bad way. Sometimes it is strange knowing that you are a flat-footed, squirrel hunting, God loving, piano playing, horse-riding, Southern twisted Magnolia, a mother of two great young adults and want to exist in a world of love and peace but have to be ready to reload at all is strange, but a strange and peculiar generation sounds like a familiar compliment somehow. Chins up men and women, the "proactive concentration overview" the men were speaking of is right on. Think outside the box and it might be amazing what we actually could accomplish in this most historic and revolutionary moment...right here in the pause before all hell breaks lose. If you go over and take a gander at the SoHo (Sun) Satellite, look at the blue lasco (the far right bottom)do you see the comet? It's huge! And, yes the Haarp, here in the Southern U.S. it becomes so severe at times that I have three and sometimes four different tones that are crossing each other always accompanied by the "hammer" effect. Tonight in Alabama, they are spraying the heck out of us, at one point there was at least 25 trails in the sky, and right now, the moon is covered by low, heavy dirty looking clouds that, after several hours of much flying too high to be viewed this chemical mess was left for our "enjoyment" as the itchy eyes, hacking cough and drugged state physically, we well as a short fuse, yesiree this is certainly my idea of "fun"?????????
Okay, so we have an Island lost in the sea....gone just as Atlantis, a flyby on the 29th of this month that will be only 4 au, or earth distances.......interesting days to be alive....Gee is it possible that the island was removed by means other than those which are natural? Wonder if Atlantis will rise....I suppose the labor is in full swing for Gaia and soon a manchild will be born....wonder if Michael stands up first???? Well, that's it for me, gotta go lay down and let the chemtrails, flood waters and lava do as they will....because I have been hazed by chemicals so goodnite. But if you are awake about an hour before sunup and you live in the Southeastern U.S., then please taked a look at the Eastern sky, it is not disappointing if you are into heavy thrills. Blessings,


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