9/11 - The Pre-Demolition of Tower 2

9/11 - The Pre-Demolition Demolition of Tower 2
Thu Sep 23, 2004 22:09

The Pre-Demolition Demolition of Tower 2

Two demolition charges on the north side of Tower 2 exploded during the second plane crash, and it was all caught on tape. The first charge exploded completely, while the second charge did not fully eject. In the northeast camera view of the plane crash, you can only see the first charge, because the second charge did not explode out of the Tower. But, in the head-on view of the north face of Tower 2, you can see the second charge explode and then quickly retract. The two demolition charges were nowhere near the path of the incoming plane, and the first charge is visible before the plane even begins to explode.

Some important things to take note of:

* The demolition charge that ejected was white smoke through and through. It did not start out as a fireball nor end up as a fireball.
* No object came out along with the white smoke plume, meaning that the cause of this explosion was not a piece of flying debris, etc.
* The second demolition charge retracted, meaning that nothing flew out of it.
* Relative to the fireball, the demolition charge ejected very slowly.
* The smoke plume did not rise, as did the plane's fireball. It simply fell downward.
* Neither the plane nor the building were on fire before the plane exploded. There is nowhere else where the smoke could have come from.
* When jet fuel explodes, its color goes from yellow to orange to black; it does not look like a white plume of smoke.
* The demolition charge that ejected from Tower 2 looked just like the demolition charges that appeared during the collapse of both of the Towers.
* When watching the videos, do not get distracted by the shadow that the plane's explosion casts over Tower 2. There is indeed a huge gap in between the plane's explosion and the demolition charges.
* The core columns of Tower 2 blocked off the plane from where the demolition charges were at.

The crash diagram:
The 2 red dots represent the demolition charges. The one on the left is the charge that completely exploded.



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