Re: Ray McGovern, "ex-CIA" not telling it like it is.

Bob Scheidt
Re: Ray McGovern, "ex-CIA" not telling it like it is.
Fri Sep 24, 2004 20:27

Every disciple of the theory that the "arabs did it" or it was "incompetence" that allowed 9-11 ... should be viewed with a cynical eye. These are attempts to distract us from focusing on the actual culprits that had the Means, the Motive and the Opportunity to comit the crime AND COVER IT UP.

The sweeping away of evidence, the shipping out of Bin Ladens and other Saudis, the Israelis filming the first plane striking the WTC and giving High-Fives, the government lies about not having any idea that terrorist would use commercial jets as missiles ... etc., ad nauseum, speaks volumes towards indicting the scumbags that murdered 3000 of our neighbors.

The Bush CIA terrorists did it ... period, and probably had Mossad assistance.

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