Ray McGovern, "ex CIA" not telling it like it is.

Jolly Roger
Ray McGovern, "ex-CIA" not telling it like it is.
Fri Sep 24, 2004 18:53

Now that the word is rapidly spreading that 9-11 was an inside job, people in the government are looking to "plea-bargain" by blaming it on "intelligence failures." September 11th was not an "intelligence failure." It was a successful intelligence operation, except for the fact that they got caught. I have to wonder whether Ray McGovern is "ex-C.I.A." or still on the government payroll, with the new duty of trying to appease the growing anger of the American people. Don't be foolish enough to fall for the "intelligence failure" lie when it can easily be proven that the World Trade Center was felled by explosives, and the Pentagon evidence seems to indicate that it was hit by a missile, and not an airplane at all. This Ray McGovern "expose" is all over the internet now that the government is starting to realize that the American people aren't as stupid as they had hoped. Don't fall for it. Whenever someone starts referring to 9-11 as an "intelligence failure," they're trying to conceal the fact that Bush and his buddies are guilty of mass murder and high treason. Don't let 'em off the hook, or they'll do it again, and continue with their attacks on our freedom and constitution. Intelligence failure, my ass.

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