Re: Killer Christian
Re: Killer Christian
Sun Sep 26, 2004 14:20


We are witnessing prophecy being fulfilled. Always remember that God determines the timing of events, not the evil.

Bush will besmirch Christianity as well as America. It is by design. I would assume that you believe the literal interpretation of the Bible, as I do. If this is truly a battle of good vs. evil, and the world is Satan's domain, then I believe it highly probably that Satan will use Dubya as a lightening rod against Christianity. A message to all the pre-tribulation rapture believers. It is a lie that is less than 200 years old in its origin. When there seems to be great chaos, understand it is chaos by design, and an imitation. The power behind Dubya are the Jews who call themselves Jews, and are not. God will destroy them, and he will do it on his timetable.

When we do enter the 1st Tribulation, it is the time for the perseverance of the saints. When it begins there will be no question as to its authenticity.


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