REPOST: Killer Christian, Lying, Stealing, War-Mongering

REPOST:Killer Christian, Lying, Stealing, War-Mongering
Fri Sep 24, 2004 17:02

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[Mothers, Sisters and Daughters kidnapped by a foreign government and Locked
in Prisons after Losing all the Men in their Family to War......Who Will Stand
up and defend them?
You or I?
No. Only the "Terrorists" will Defend these Women.......Only the "Terrorists"!

Truly, Because the Christians, individuals such as U.S. President George W.
Bush are the “Christians.” . The “Christians” are those that you will see
demonstrating Their “Christianity” by the killing, raping, abusing, bombing,
pre-emptive attacking, oil-stealing, temple-bombing, child, women and old-folk
killing....the list is much to lengthy as the “Christian” President and his
citizens are very creative in the many ways to torture, abuse, sexually
degrade and kill human beings…in fact, to list all the ways that the
“Christians” under the leadership of George W. Bush, in the USA are
demonstrating their Christianity... in the millenium are just too many to
possibly list.]

Can They Be Blamed for a Beheading When We have Their Mothers, Daughters, and
Sisters locked in Prison Simply for Being an Iraqi Citizen?

A Short Story: “Who Will Stand Up?” (Will Michael Stand Up?)!

When George W. Bush, U.S. President has finally convince the world that he is
a "Christian" what will be the fate of all "Christians"? It is certain that if
he is re-elected that the US will have the world court deeply involved in US
business through the experience of having our "Christian" President removed
from power by the World Court which will in turn, send in foreign troops,
institute prisoner camps, which are conveniently already built, if reports are
to be believed and I think most likely they should be.

I believe it is detrimental to prove them yourself...really prove
it, or wake the heck up quick.

"Christianity" according to George W. Bush is quite simply defined as:
"Do what the hell I want to do when I want to do it, however and to whoever in
spite of all information and advice pointing to another decision, in fact
several decisions to choose from amongst and all decisions but mine, the one I
made and will stick to, guaranteed to have a better outcome than my decision."

"Christianity" to the devout and long-suffering, patient, kind and "forgiving"
George W. Bush is quite simply “hey y’all wanta play church, (maybe at
Bohemian Grove" talk some shit to those waste cases that play at voting.”

Bush has a spoiled mentality of complacent arrogance which, is grievously sad
as well as evil and for some of us that love the Lord and our fellow-man and
certainly lovers of freedom. Bush is a cause of great embarrassment to us
where other nations are concerned in relation to those we interact in business
with and the response to "how do you like your leader?" is one not worth
vocalizing if the concept of saying something nice or nothing at all is

The President’s mentality is one of cold “in-your-face” dismissal of the
Constitution as well as his obligation to do what is in the best interest of
this country and I don’t know about you, but the tape of the President when
informed that the WTC Center was hit was one of those kind of smiles that
would hit me when a kid and a smile was totally inappropriate….if you don’t
believe me watch the twisting of his lips when he is told.

President Bush displays an incredible amount of "pride" while exhibiting a
vivid example of unadulterated and blissful ignorance at hard cold evidence
that he has failed with a big red F.

From the viewpoint of the truly sane individual it appears that President Bush
is doing an excellent job of making a "Christian" the focal center of what is
assured to be an upcoming mass slaughter with the idea of “ beheading” the
“Christians” of America already implanted in the mind of the public….in fact
it may be that the “professional cops in training”, indeed the contracted
security in Iraq are only practicing for the “let’s wipe out the Christians
campaign” that surely is brewing on account of the evil axis of evil that
“Christian” President in the US who just spends, spends, spends, steals, lies
and kills, cuts taxes for the rich, does away with services to the poor,
throws the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Legal Aid society out of
the proverbial door and distinctly out of existence while he funds his
brothers "state of emergency" State of Florida that is pulling the tubes out
of Terry Schiavo and killing yet one more U.S. Citizen.

Yes, I would certainly predict that the fiddler will demand payment for all
the dancing that is being done in Iraq. To think of how they must be dancing
in hell for glee! The land of the free is now the land of the complacent,
dumbed down fluorided, prozacked, chem-hazed, mass of non-consciousness and
cerebrally paralyzed. The land of the now the land of the
brainless, the moral-less, easily fooled, sound asleep killer of women and
children through omission to act or stand. The lives which are being daily
taken arrogantly by the fine "Christian" President of the USA are also those
of our sons, brothers, fathers and husbands. Who will stand? Must it be
Michael that stands up? Think about it....they told us it was coming and then
Suddenly, it happened!

Y2K had a virus hit the mainframe, matrix of the system all right, and it was
in the form of the rerouting of the mass collective perception of right and

Suddenly, in America, the election could be stolen!
In the land of the Free, the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act, now keep
us safe which is a good thing, in light of no value being placed on freedom
for so long that bravery is only found sleeping deep within the gonads of the
homosexual abominations (in God’s sight) that are in high places.

Tragically, where no bravery exists there will be no freedom either.

Yes, George W. Bush is opposed to abortion, but killing innocents in the
street is quite okey-dokey cowboy, and since he was never elected officially
and the dead bulbous and oozing mass of psy-op’ed “Christian” citizens just
can’t awaken from their slumber and the Elect are very deceived, yes even the
elect have fallen under the delusion...some of them it seems to be sadly true
are lost to the reality.

Yes, the US citizens were collectively too complacent to do anything, and he
has been allowed to, unofficially. do everything he has done. He has been
allowed to kill, lie, steal, thumb his nose at the United Nations/European
Union/World Court ....but then perhaps...just maybe the World Court will go
easy on the citizens of America concerning the un-elected President!!!….unless
of course you are a “Christian” then you have had it and will be the scapegoat
that receives, in retribution for all the “Christian” acts of the former
unelected “soon to be executed” by the World Court for war crimes President or
worse the “re-elected initially un-elected US President, a likely sentence of
being "beheaded".

God help America, for everything that the hippies predicted......has come true
and the hippies had it all right!....imagine that.

Love is the answer! Tree-hugging will be something special in light of the
fact that most likely our grandchildren will have only heard of such a
thing……..because in all likelihood they will never have seen a tree.

Of course, all this is only in the event that somehow I prove that it really
is not presently what is referred to prophetically as "the last days".
I am really hoping through research to prove that it is not the time of the
end but prospects are looking pretty bleak in that respect.


Last Update: 21/09/2004 01:08

Iraqi militants claim Bush wants 'greater Israel' in Mideast

By The Associated Press and Haaretz Service

During the statement before the killing, the speaker said Tawhid and Jihad was
taking revenge for women Iraqi prisoners and called Bush "a dog."

"You, sister, rejoice. God's soldiers are coming to get you out of your chains
and restore your purity by returning you to your mother and father," the
speaker said.

"We will not sheath our swords while one Muslim woman is still humiliated in
your prisons," he said.

Addressing Bush directly, the speaker said: "Now, you have people who love
death just like you love life. Killing for the sake of God is their best wish,
getting to your soldiers and allies are their happiest moments, and cutting
the heads of the criminal infidels is implementing the orders of our

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