Border Banishment.

sam andy
Border Banishment.
Sat Sep 25, 2004 18:09

Border Banishment.
The United States Border Patrol is not allowed to patrol the border. That’s odd.


Until the U.S. Government gets over the shock and awe, and stops laughing, what this means of course is that we all have entered a true Twilight Zone.

Border "travelers" (drug smugglers, Muslim terrorists, sex slave smugglers, convicted felons returning after deportation) have yet to become aware that this singular segment of the entire United States border is protected not by armed federal officers but by the very odd unshaved-anywhere entity in Birkenstocks (and possibly wearing a safari jacket and a tan hat).

Of the 1,945 miles of border with Mexico, this is the only place where all peoples are free to act out all their fantasies of love and caring. And you can most assuredly be next..... Especially if you visit after dark.


Ready for .... More?

So while Mr. or Mrs. Average Citizen can just about lose their house and everything else they own for accidently polluting a single house drain with mineral oil they were using as a laxative, the California State Parks can dump 1,000 cubic yards of debris and tens of millions of gallons of almost fluorescent effluent across miles of land, even into the ocean itself, every single year, and yet nothing is done.

Each year that goes by, ever more raw sewage flows into America, with more poisoning of the land, more poisoning of the animals and more poisoning of the sea itself.

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