This site is an expose' - US/Mexican border

sam andy
This site is an expose' - US / Mexican border
Sat Sep 25, 2004 14:51

The far left of America have now hijacked part of our
state parks system.

The poster child for this is:

THAT site is an expose' on how the really crazy left has
captured lands along the US / Mexican border to create a
free transit zone for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.
The Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park

At the southwestern most corner of the United States of America’s contiguous 48 states lies a mystical land, a magical land of secret native lore, gently flowing seasonal streams, a great and wide river, and vast, verdant parklands eagerly waiting discovery by flocks of travelers, tourists, and naturalists.

These hidden lands are called the Tijuana River Estuary and California Border Field State Park. While separate and apart as political entities they share the same cool and gentle expanse of flowing waters and interesting, if not even rare native flora and fauna.

The view here in this hidden place is of miles of verdant, moist, and shaded river bottom, and then finally a wide alluvial plume which releases these waters to the sea. Here, they mix with the great Pacific Ocean and that ocean’s powerful currents swirl these rich waters northward along the California coast for even 50 miles.

For an American citizen the estuary and park’s main access is from the large Interstate freeway which ends at the U.S. Port of Entry at the Mexican border. To find this vast land of shadows and green is to take is to take the Dairy Mart Road exit from the south bound lanes of Interstate 5.

But be careful. This is a hidden place and many do not want you to find it. If you take the CALTRANS’ suggestion -- and make your exit at Coronado Avenue -- you will not reach the park but instead see only a cold gray concrete "tourist" or visitor’s center many, many miles away.



September 23, 2004 at 4:26PM MST FBI arrests founder of border watch group Thu, 23 Sep 2004 5:46 PM PDT
Another member of a border watch group in southern Arizona has been arrested by the FBI on weapons charges

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