Hollywood Programming of "Islamic Jihad" lies
Hollywood Programming of "Islamic Jihad" lies
Sat Sep 25, 2004 23:18

Tonight, NBC's Law and Order is a re-run, and it is the most blatant attempt to indoctrinate Americans into justifying the Iraq War, the pretended "War on Terrorism", convincing them of Islamic jihad against America, and overlooking Abu Ghraib atrocities, under the guise of "necessity".

TV is powerful brainwashing.....and this particular episode is being rammed into the complacent and (pharmaceutically drugged) easily-led American mind. It is easy to see that this program (now airing a second time in two weeks) actually "plays out" the arguments, but controlled and twisted using the 9/11 Big Lie as a fact, in order to "role play" with divergent American views to reach the Judge's "official" judgment, which of course endorses tyranny and 9/11 propaganda. It is sickening mind control, and Hollywood clearly shows itself not "liberal", but towing the Bush government line!

Is that my mere opinion? Then why is New York's own mayor Bloomberg (a Jew) also playing himself in this "entertainment" serial? "Entertainment" is propaganda....Hollywood and Media programming of propaganda began immediately after 9/11...also displaying some foreknowledge of what to prepare to broadcast.

Is it unfair to say that many of the predominant film producers in Hollywood are Jewish? Just read the credits when they roll.

But then, all this apparently makes me a "terrorist sympathizer", perfect for stripping of constitutional protections and "detained" whenever they wish, as a "person of interest" (scape goat) for whatever psyops incidents they may execute to further convince the more wary public. That is what they are doing: "You are either with us, or with the terrorists".

Below is the bio from NBC's own site for this show:

9pm 2004-09-25
DENNIS FARINA JOINS CAST AS SLICK DETECTIVE WHEN POLICE PROBE SLAYING OF GULF WAR VETERAN; NEW YORK MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG GUEST-STARS -- Dennis Farina ("Get Shorty") joins the cast as Detective Joe Fontana, a stylish veteran uneasily paired with Detective Green (Jesse L. Martin) when a former female Guardsman from the second Gulf War is found murdered -- and evidence points to the vengeful Iraqi sister of a an ex-inmate at infamous Abu Ghraib prison. However, when D.A.s McCoy (Sam Waterston) and Southerlyn (Elisabeth Rohm) begin to prosecute, they discover that the suspect's lawyer boldly plans to defend his client as an "enemy soldier" -- subject only to the terms of the Geneva Convention. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg guest-stars as himself. Epatha Merkerson and Fred Thompson also star. TV-14

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