911: The Jewish Revolution of U.S. Government

911: The Jewish Revolution of U.S. Government
Sat Sep 25, 2004 19:43

"Indeed, from the days of Rabbi Jehuda "the holy" [c.200 AD], who composed the Mishna, onwards they have in fact been practicing A NEW RELIGION, CLEARLY ALIEN TO THAT ENJOYED BY THEIR ANCESTORS IN THEIR MOSAIC THEOLOGY, AND HAVING AS IT CRUX VIOLENT OPPOSITION TO CHRISTIANITY, which is founded upon Mosaic theology...
...Overwhelmed by the direct curse of God [i.e. 70 A.D. destruction of their religious government and nation], the due punishment for their rejection and murder of the most holy Son of God, the one and only Savior, it became their overriding concern to free themselves from that connection and penalty, to do which THEY SET OUT ON A COURSE OF NEW AND FRESH CRIMINALITY."
--- Dr. John Owen (puritan), 1684; BIBLICAL THEOLOGY, pg. 518

The Zionist Jews are a CRIMINAL ELEMENT out to avenge themselves...now for over 1900 years for the Roman-Gentile conquest, and now have come full circle to the halls and thrones of power.

Happy Yom Kippur...."Day of Atonement". It is time for the Jewish infiltrators in US (and world) Government to atone for their sins, for now we have documented their presence, power, influence and conspiracy, AND THEIR REVOLUTION OF US GOVERNMENT ON 9/11! AMERICA NO LONGER HAS A CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT.....PERIOD. "Civil libertarians"--i.e. those who assert constitutional rights--are now "evil" (despite the government officials "oaths of office" to "defend and protect the constitution...from all enemies, foreign and domestic") and impugned as "terrorist sympathizers" and will be handled by the FBI watchdogs and "inquisitors" of General Ashcroft's Reich in the October pre-election Surprise! Now to tell the truth about Jewish tyranny and revolution of government is to be branded "anti-semitic" (while they hate the Arab semites), a "racist", and guilty of a "hate crime" for blaspheming the Jewish anti-Christ, the infallible new Caesar and Popes! All the laws necessary for a New Inquisition are now in place.

This site exposes much, and the culprits within, and their "COURSE OF NEW AND FRESH CRIMINALITY" of 9/11!


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