Print "business cards" about 9/11
Sun Sep 23, 2007 01:36

Print "business cards" about 9/11

Here is a PDF file that will print a sheet of 10 cards on the peforated sheets similar to the Avery 5371 or 8371:


Send email also!

You can also send e-mail messages with links to our site -- or make phone calls -- to police departments, military bases, university professors, and other people.

Not many people do anything, so don't assume other people will do something. America is getting beaten badly because there are only a few people who do something useful.

So, once a week you could send an e-mail to somebody in our government, businesses, or universities.

You don't have to know the people you contact. You are not sending spam when you do this; rather, you are trying to expose a major crime network.

If anybody complains that they don't want e-mail messages about 9/11, you can respond,

“Well, millions of us are getting fed up with the corruption, the incompetence in the government and police, the pedophilia, the lies about 9/11, and the adults who hide from these problems like frightened children. Help us expose the corruption!”

Since our police departments and government officials are not doing anything, it is up to the citizens to stop this corruption.

Help the police departments, schools, and other organizations

We set up a few e-mail messages for you. Just change the e-mail address (the messages are pre-set for Nancy Pelosi). You can select an email address from the list below, and edit the message if you wish.

Select a message:
• Message for a police department: Click here
• Message for a school: Click here
• Generic message: Click here

Then change the email address to whoever you think needs to be informed of this corruption.

Some email addresses

You can select some e-mail addresses from the list below, or a google search for email addresses, such as these:
• police mailto
• police department contact
• professor mailto
• NASA ".gov" mailto

If you need ideas for people to send messages to, here are people at the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council. They educate people about "Criminal Justice" so email these people and thell them to start teaching about 9/11 and Zionism:

Vermont police agencies are listed here:

University personnel should be told to teach the truth for a change, even the universities in other nations:

Lots of email addresses for Villanova University, PA:

Some email addresses for European professors are here:

Some email addresses for professors in India:

Lots of email addresses for Alfred State College, NY:

Montana State University:

Some Christiansburg, VA, police email addresses:

Francis Marion University police:

Madison, WI, Police

Montana State University police

Detroit, MI

Santa Clara, CA

Laurel, MD

Missoula, MT

Hull, MA

Hampton Falls, NH

Kemmerer, WY

Auburn NH

Park City, KS

New Boston, NH

zeitgeist movie

Required reading from THE authority on Secret Societies


Beyond Neanderthal also provides a roughly quantified strategic plan to commercialise at least two of these technologies within a decade - across the planet. In context of our incorrect priorities, this cannot be achieved by Private Enterprise. Tragically, Governments will not act unless there is pressure from voters. It is therefore necessary to generate a juggernaut tidal wave of that pressure. The cost will be 'peppercorn' relative to what is being currently considered by some Governments. Together, these three technologies have the power to lift humanity to a new level of evolution. Within a decade, Carbon emissions will plummet but, as you will discover, they are an irrelevancy. Please register your interest to acquire a copy of this novel at  . Please also inform all your friends and associates. The more people who read the novel, the greater will be the pressure for Governments to act.


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