Porter Goss: Did He Protect CIA Drug Trafficking?
Al Martin
Porter Goss: Did He Protect CIA Drug Trafficking?
Wed Sep 22, 2004 14:14

Porter Goss: Did He Protect CIA Drug Trafficking?


Al Martin, one of America's foremost government whistleblowers and a retired Navy Lt. Commander, claims that Porter Goss, the Bush-Cheney choice to be DCI (CIA Director), was active in covering up the CIA's Iran-Contra era narcotics trafficking in Florida, while he was a member of the Vice Presidential Task Force on Drugs in Miami in 1983 then headed by George Bush Sr.

Martin, author of his tell-all memoir "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," writes in his column "How CBS Got Stung; And More on Porter Goss" (Sep 20) that "people have been asking about the connection of the Bobby Merkle story and how it ties in with Porter Goss, who will be the new CIA Director. It was dubbed that because of then-United States Attorney (Tampa) Bobby Merkle. This was the 1982 Lee County, Florida narcotics trafficking case. The allegation was that the Lee County Sheriff’s Department facilitate Iran-Contra related narcotics activities on behalf of the CIA and that Bobby Merkle acted to cover it up.

"Porter Goss was involved in that facilitation," Martin continues. "He was, but they’ll never be able to prove that. You’ve got to put Porter Goss’s name on something real to fit him into it. And what nobody has noticed except for me, because I remember it: Everyone forgets that Porter was a member of the Vice Presidential task force on drugs in 1983 in Miami. The Task Force was instituted to prevent any further interception of CIA authorized narcotics trafficking. Porter Goss was a commission member. That’s what gave him the legitimacy. There was also Miami Customs Director Billy von Raab, Miami DEA Director Tommy Cash, Miami Immigration Director George Weiss. And George Bush Sr. who was Vice President at the time was the chairman.

"How many people know Bobby Merkle’s story, what that story was all about? If you read my book, then you’d know," Martin writes. "I’ve got the Florida connections down pretty well.

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How CBS Got Stung; And More on Porter Goss

(Sep. 20) And this is how the CBS phony document scam was done. It’s a great scam, the same scam I used to pull during the Reagan Bush administration. Here’s the story. CBS should have known better because they should have realized the central premise in the information business is that you get what you pay for, since information is a commodity. Just like everything else, it’s bought and sold, and it is effectively worth what you pay for it. CBS didn’t pay anything for it. Consequently, they shouldn’t have expected it to be worth anything. Like I said, they should have known better.


Porter Goss is Novak's source...


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