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Breathing PULVERIZED CONCRETE, GLASS, FIRE PROOFING, FORMICA, FECAL WASTES, PAINT, VOCs, CLEANING FLUIDS, PHONOLIC RESIGNS and all the other cleaning, acid and every dam chemical you can imagine IS NO WONDER they suffer as such. WE our NATION has a duty to them and we have a DUTY to STOP ALL THE FRIGGIN WARS to.

Judson Witham

Microscopic Photos of Dust Particles from World Trade Center Collapse
Typical particles in this material include fiberglass, slag wool, asbestos, paper, cotton and other fabric fibers, plastic fragments and droplets, wood. Some photos also show starch granules, recognizable in polarized light. The dust from the WTC collapse does not include identifiable microscopically identifiable organic particles. Particle sizes range from large, perhaps 20 x 120 u (typically fiberglass) to sub-micron particulates. Magnification in these photos ranges from 300x to 1920x.
Experts report other contents in this dust including "microscopic traces of nearly every element - chromium, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, barium, titanium, and lead." [N.Y. Times, "What Happened to That Cloud of Dust", Pg. B1, B7, 11/2/2006]. TheTimes article reported on work by Paul J. Lioy, who mapped the dust and gas plume movement following the attack and collapse of the buildings. Lioy reported that volatiles were also present including components of jet fuel. Volatiles would have been present in gaseous form not as particulates.
As of May 2006, increasing media reports indicate very serious health effects from exposure to high levels of this dust, including apparent fatalities and significant loss of lung function (pulmonary aging).

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9/11 NY Toxic Dust Whistleblower Raided By SWAT Team
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Bush Lied - People Died
Bush Spied - Must Be Tried !

NBC Network TV News Audio: David Gregory Asks Bush If He Should Quit

" Do You think it is possible like Nixon and Watergate, That the
American People have rendered a final judgement of disapproval on You
and Your War in Iraq ?? "
9-11Plot -- See 500+! 9/11 inormation links here

No person with Dual Citizenship - Should hold any City, County, State or
Federal Elected or appointed Government office or Tax Payer Paid Civil
Service Job !

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