These men need our help...
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Subject: These men need our help...
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 14:51:13 -0400
From: Carol s

Many of you may not be aware of this man and his son and brother. It is not the type of show that we would usually watch. But this man works for God. There is not one job he goes out on where he doesn't pray for the Holy Spirits help before he embarks. Who is it? What do they do?

Why, it is Duane Dog Chapman, Tim and Leland Chapman, Bounty hunters. They have a tv show on arts and entertainment network. They are the most watched show on that channel! They visit schools and teach kids not to take drugs and to remain in school. Why am I writing to you about this?

I am sickend to see how the government is treating these men. They went to Mexico and brought back a man name, Lester, Max Factor heir, for the police for brutally raping 3 women!

America was not able to have Mexico extadite Lester; so the Chapmans went down there and brought him back. Lester has been tried and convicted and is presently serving 124 years in jail.

Mexico does not have any bounty hunters, it is against mexican law. The US Marshalls busted into the Chapman household and ripped Dog out of bed in Hawaii and are extraditing him to Mexico for prosecution of the bounty hunting illegality in Mexico. There, Dog, his son and brother, will face 8 years in jail for bringing back a convicted 3 time rapist for the United States.

What is going on here? We have 20 million illegal mexicans in this country and we have 3 men go into mexico to bring back a criminal and they were not only arrested but our country is returning them to Mexico???? Yet we allow these same Mexicans to live and prosper in our country forgeting all the rapists, gangs, murders, and bank robbers that are illegal running around here? What the heck ails our country? This is a travesty! This is unjust!

I am enclossing an article from cnn for you to read. I am asking all of you for your prayers for these men and to write a short note to Lou Dobbs on cnn, the President, Condeleza Rice who will have final say in this matter, the US marshalls, the federal judges in Hawaii. Get angry enough to do something about it! We need to stand up for these men who have done nothing wrong... before it is your turn to be facing the same plight! It is only a matter of time before you are arrested for a trumphed up charge such as being a christian. Stop this travesty in its tracks!!! Make a difference while you still can. Lou Dobbs

Bounty hunter 'Dog' tagged, gets let out
POSTED: 8:46 a.m. EDT, September 16, 2006

HONOLULU, Hawaii (AP) -- TV reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman and two co-stars accused of illegal detention and conspiracy in the bounty hunters' capture of a cosmetics company heir in Mexico posted bail and were released.

Chapman was released on $300,000 bail Friday after spending the night in a federal detention center and his co-stars on the popular A&E show "Dog The Bounty Hunter" were freed on $100,000 bail each.

Chapman, his son, Leland Chapman, and associate Timothy Chapman, no relation, were arrested Thursday on charges stemming from the capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster on June 18, 2003, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, officials said. (Watch how the bounty hunter landed in the doghouse -- 2:05)

Chapman's capture of Luster, who had fled the country during his trial on charges he raped three women, catapulted the 53-year-old bounty hunter to fame and led to the reality series on A&E. Luster is now serving a 124-year prison term.

Bounty hunting is considered a crime in Mexico, and charges have been pending against the three since local police in Mexico arrested them shortly after they roped in Luster. They posted bail but never returned for their court hearing in July 2003, officials said.
Monitoring tag

Chapman made the sign of the cross and mouthed "I love you" to his wife, who was sitting in the front row of the crowded courtroom.

The men are now required to wear electronic monitoring devices until they return to court for extradition hearings to face trial in Mexico. The judge said they were not flight risks.

Chapman and his tattooed crew were ordered to surrender their passports, to stay in Hawaii and not possess any firearms.

Defense attorney Brook Hart, who successfully argued during the minute-long hearing that his clients have no reason to be locked up, called the devices "overkill" but did not object to their use.

"It's ironic that the bounty hunter would go around with a bracelet while arresting people. But so be it," he said.

Reporters and fans packed the courtroom, and several supporters held signs outside the federal courthouse saying, "Let go our hero" and "In Dog we Trust." A&E TV crews were filming the events for a future episode of Chapman's show.

Chapman's son Leland, 29, and Timothy Chapman, 41, assist him in exploits chronicled for the TV show around the Hawaiian Islands. The show focuses on Chapman's family as much as the bounty hunting, which generally involves tracking down bail jumpers, often creating emotional scenes with repentant captives.



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