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Sat Sep 16, 2006 22:49

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Subject: RISE UP AND SHINE Re: Oh, you must see this - Lawsuit Against Congress
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 17:24:06 -0700
From: Reinhold Sommerstedt reinhold@wealthkeeper.net
To: Bob Worn BOBWORN@aol.com


Subservient to the Institutes of the STINKING US Constitution the Congress serves not the People but the Central Bank that it was establish to serve. NOTHING but ABOLISHMENT will remove the tyranny of the Central Power embodied in the STINKING US Constitution. NOTHING in the extant government reveres the Principles of our True Founding, The Law of our Almighty Creator and the Articles of Confederation – a Perpetual Union among these Separate and Sovereign States securing the Rights of such States and the People thereof in obedience to the Law of the Almighty Creator.

The film maker, Herrera and his subject, Mr. Walker’s Lawsuit exhibit good intentions but this is an enormous error in that it relies on the STINKING US Constitution! The very same instrument that purports to empower the Central Power that establishes and protects the tyranny of the Central Bank Debt System. Why would the combination of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers suddenly repent? No tyrant ever resigned upon request!

In addition to the above enormous error, the film maker states that the purpose of the lawsuit is to preserve “Democracy.” What are these folks thinking? It was Soviet Constitutional Mass Murderer, Joseph Stalin an instrument of the STINKING US Constitutional Central Banking Power that declared: “Its not the vote that counts so much as who counts the vote.” It has never been different here under the STINKING US Constitution. Central Governments always have a Constitution. That the People are willing to acquiesce to the terms of such deceptive instruments is the whole of the history of evil governments. The Ship of State sails on the Sea of Sweat provided by the willing and tolerant laborer.

Rather than preserve the Heritage won by the blood of the Founders. The the ample-bellied Walker hopes to compel the tyrant to hold yet another “Convention” like that demonic event in Philadelphia. This plays right into the hands of the “Framers” of that STINKING US Constitution (Jewist Central Government) Representative government vanished before it began when the conspirators called that demonic meeting in Philadelphia led by Alexander Hamilton, that Jewist mulatto in service to the Rothschild Bank Cartel AKA “The British Crown.” The chains of Democratic slavery are held fast by these demons of te Synagogue of Satan. Unwittingly, Walker and Herrera strive to assist these that are now losing their grip.

We can thank Walker and the Herrera for their good intentions but we must pray that they fail in causing a Convention whereat the New Framers will make larger the chains of tyranny. Tolerating Evil is bad enough- nurturing it is pure folly. The only cure for our extant circumstance is Lawful Force. It far better to break the chains that bind us than to grease them by salving our wounds in a vain effort to make our burden a little easier to bear. Rise up!


Reinhold Sommerstedt

On 9/16/06 9:11 AM, "BOBWORN@aol.com " wrote:

I wonder how Mr. Walker will meet an early death.
Will he have a one-car accident?
Will his neck be broken from falling up a flight of stairs?
Will he become, instantaneously, despondent and commit
Tune in tomorrow to see how slimy congress slithers away
from this one............

Click here: YouTube - Walker


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