Zogby Poll: What Iranians believe...
Mon Sep 18, 2006 10:34

Dear Patriots,
With Iran being in the international spotlight the following information from a Zogby poll in Aug.2006 Readers Digest may be useful:
1)46% of Iranians believe that America is a dangerous country that seeks confrontation and control.
2)37% believe America is a model country for its "values and freedoms."
3)67% believe that the "State Of Israel" is illegitimate and should not exist.
4)48% believe that it is important to increase rights for women.
5)41% believe that the most important longterm goal is reforming the economy so it operates more efficiently.
6)27% believe that developing a nuclear arsenal for defense is most important.
Iran's radical hardliners view the economy as trivial next to their epic struggle with "Great Satan" and want nuclear weapons so Iran will no longer fear America's and Israel's nuclear arsenals.
The recent United Nations non-alignment summit of world leaders in Venezuala was undoubtedly to discuss what to do about the USA as they now believe our country is the greatest threat to global security. May Almighty God have mercy on all of us. America and Israel are becoming isolated and now stand alone.
There is no coalition of the willing and no one to come to our defense as the U.S. military is stretched thin around the world. Will the neocons and their handlers stay the course until our nation crashes and burns with fire? Maybe it's by grand design. A nation divided cannot stand. From out of the ashes hopefully some will learn that concentrated wealth and power and a privately owned, for profit banking system defy all religious principles.

In peace,

Daniel E. Moore, President

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