America: Let Freedom Ring!!!
Mon Sep 18, 2006 03:35

My fellow countrymen,
As we move forward in these dangerous and historic times can we at least pray for peace? Can we pray that our world leaders will help their constituents bring about an end to senseless poverty, starvation, and forcibly imposed democracy on other nations?
Can we at least try and focus on the things that we all have in common? For example, we are all born naked, weak and unfettered by hate and prejudices. Eventually we submit to laws. There are those we must embrace in order to be free. Then there are those that we must question and challenge in order to protect that very same freedom.
The laws of conformity and small mindedness. The weight of these elitist chains are so subtle we tend to forget them. This is how we are shackled, tamed, and domesticated by the elite ruling class. Normalcy, apathy and complacency become the rule and we grow comfortable with the limits that stifle are success and upward mobility. Like a dog on a leash we move but never of our own will.
Do you want freedom or one world corporate slavery and feudalism for your children? If the answer is freedom then we must pull hard against these global restraints and test our mettle. Steel your resolve and do not let conventional thinking rule over you.
The global elites will conspire and do their best to keep you confused, oppressed and divided. Their chains will bury deep into your flesh and will pull you down into the dark abyss. Brothers and sisters we must continue to fight the good fight. If we fall then we get right back up and continue to challenge traditional ways of thinking about people, economics and profits.
Life is short and every minute hurdles us closer to the end of civilization and nuclear holocaust. Or can we forge a new beginning and save the world from complete destruction? Are the neocons, the United Nations acting in the best interests of the human race?
We must demand peaceful solutions from leaders in Washington D.C., Israel and Great Britain. We must insist that the growing hatred of America be addressed by establishing dialogue with those who do not agree with America's foreign policy of democracy through death, destruction and war profiteering.
Wouldn't it be wiser to use these billions to create healthy, vibrant and robust economies? The U.S. Federal Government does not need to serve as the world's baby sitter. There are plenty of non-profit, non-biased NGO's that can take the lead in this noble effort.
If you want to drastically reduce global terrorism then it is essential to reduce the sense of hopelessness. One world goverment and an owellian police state with mandatory RFID chips is not the answer to the world's social ills. There are better ways and I pray that America and the world will wake up before its too late...
Power once seized will not be returned. Get out of the United Nations, World Bank, IMF and WTO!!! These are the root causes of war, poverty and if they will not submit to the will of Almighty God then they must be replaced with other institutions that are fair and just for all people and not just for an elite few at the top!!! You know who you are...

In peace,

Daniel E. Moore, President

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