Senator Leahy, reopen Waco investigation
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Sergei Borglum Hoff mailto:
President Bush and Senator Leahy, reopen Waco investigation
Sun Jun 24 10:04:57 2001

June 5, 2001

Dear Senator Leahy:

As a concerned American, I am sending you a copy of my letter to President Bush. My letter addresses vital issues, many of which, are non-partisan in nature but that affect the security of every individual. I request that you take the time to peruse my letter to the President. I also request, for the purpose of reestablishing justice within our nation, that you make every effort to reopen the investigation into the "1993 Waco" tragedy.

If you have been keeping abreast of this situation, concerning the questionable integrity of our FBI, you are also aware of the new evidence that is being uncovered. There is undisputable evidence that Senator Danford's investigation is incomplete, flawed, and possibly even corrupted as a consequence of political considerations.

As a former law enforcement officer and citizen of this nation, I deem the behavior of the FBI and BATF as intolerable. Their unlawful and brutal conduct must not persist. I demand that the entire truth regarding Waco, and other governmental infractions against the people of this nation, be publicly disclosed. Justice must be served, including, if appropriate, the prosecution and imprisonment of miscreant public officials. Your objectivity and diligence in this matter will benefit us all, including our families and children.

Although, you will not agree with all that is discussed, I respectfully ask that you read the enclosed letter in its entirety. I believe that certain points have been made that you can also embrace as your truth. I will appreciate your personal and timely attention and reply to my requests.


Sergei Borglum Hoff

TO: President Bush
January 20, 2001

Dear Mr. President:

As a conservative American and former law enforcement officer of many years, I willingly endorse your presidency and offer my congratulations to you and Vice President Cheney. Although my compliment is sincere and expresses an abundance of personal goodwill on this solemn occasion, and a measurable degree of relief, it also, sadly, is conveyed with unmistakable feelings of apprehension. Relief, in the knowledge that the most subversive and dispiriting administration in the history of this land is finally at its end. Apprehension, in that discontented factions within the Democrat party, through their suggestions of power-sharing and compromise, and sincere gestures of reaching-out, as your desire, will prevent the reestablishment of our constitutional principles.

Until eight years ago, I perceived my birth in this nation as a privilege. Nevertheless, I remain honored to be the grandnephew of the renowned American patriot, Gutzon Borglum (Sculptor of Mt. Rushmore National Memorial). Mr. Borglum, was not only a man of exceptional artistic and political talents, but also a dedicated scholar of constitutional principles and faithful friend to dignified presidents, senators and citizens alike. Although my granduncle devoted the majority of his life towards the creation of numerous national shrines, in honor of our Founding Fathers and other American heroes, he was also noted for exposing subversion and corruption within government.

In 1987, as a sculptor and Borglum family member, I presented President Ronald Reagan with a bronze bust of Gutzon. During our conversation, the President spoke at length concerning his knowledge of Gutzon's sculpture and political achievements. The profound patriotic significance of Mt. Rushmore and the individual liberties this monument further represents were also discussed. Recognizing that this honorable President possessed in abundance, the attributes of strength, courage and dignity, qualities so admired by Gutzon, I requested that he make formal dedication of Mt. Rushmore. Although he deemed it an honor to do so, and would make every attempt, the President further advised that as his term was drawing to a close, he might not be able to schedule this dedication. As you are aware, it was another man of sound and chivalrous character, your father, who later made this historic dedication of Mt. Rushmore to the people of this nation.

I have related these facts for a purpose. Gutzon Borglum would be appalled by the perverted, socialistic state of our present government, and the unprincipled, self-gratifying qualities of most candidates vying for public office. If living today, I sincerely doubt that Gutzon would be able to muster the inspiration required to create our monumental “Shrine to the Republic”. I hope that you can restore our dormant seeds of national inspiration, necessary for the accomplishment of your noble and monumental task ahead.

You sir, with courage and tenacity, have the grand opportunity to defend our constitutional principles and guide this nation once again upon the exalted path of individual freedom. Unlike Mr. Clinton, being destitute of reputable self-governance, you, in distinction, possess the depth of conscience, sincerity in expression and the spirit of benevolent leadership, enabling you to leave a purposeful and unimpeachable legacy. We the people of this nation have placed our trust and authority in your care.

Now that you have taken your oath to obey and defend the Constitution of the United States, it is imperative that you immediately make every effort, leaving no stone unturned, to downsize government to the constitutional levels intended, defined and enumerated by our Founding Fathers. You must never forget that it was this very same Constitution which defended your election to the highest office in this land. Do not ever dismiss the literal value of constitutional law.

Additionally, our Constitution is not symbolic of reluctant submission to individual liberties. To the contrary, our Founding Fathers heartedly endorsed the attributes of self-responsibility and individualism. The Constitution was never intended to be, as socialist activism so absurdly advocates, “a living, breathing document”, with the potential of transforming inalienable rights into government sanctioned privileges. Our Constitution was conceived by the people and for the people, placing literal and enforceable limitations upon government and not the people. Authentic representation and enforcement of these principles, defends the people from tyranny by their government.

I shall leave detailed accounts to those untold trustworthy Americans who have experienced their Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights wantonly discarded by federal and local police agencies. These abuses occur persistently yet are seldom reported through the mainstream media. Federal and local law enforcement agencies armed with erroneous affidavits and inexplicit warrants have reinforced a multitude of unconstitutional firearms infringements, violated civil liberties in the name of our perpetual and ineffectual “war on drugs”, enforced questionable environmental regulations and confiscated property as a result of inequitable tax law. They have brutally infringed upon the inalienable liberties of countless law-abiding citizens. Some of these unconstitutionally abusive wings of government are known as the BATF, IRS, INS, DEA, FBI and U. S. Marshals Service.

Militarism is now readily accepted within the ranks of our federal, state and local police forces. Adopting lethal equipment such as tanks, machine guns and noxious gases, proper for conventional warfare but not paramilitary assaults upon U. S. civilians. Black or camouflage garb including ski masks are the costumes of choice, producing the affects necessary to demoralize and secure absolute public submission. Excluding legitimate security responses, these agencies instill terror in the hearts of loyal Americans. Indeed, their tactics are shameful and shall not be forgotten by the masses unless appropriate actions are taken to rectify such outrageous behavior. These injustices have become deeply ingrained within the minds of many.

You, Mr. President, as the chief law enforcement officer of this land, are entrusted with performing thorough investigations of every credible allegation involving governmental abuses, with an eye towards the prosecution, conviction and imprisonment of miscreant officials. Under no circumstances, should agencies charged with licensing or collection of taxes, such as the BATF and IRS, be commissioned with the powers of arrest. Investigations and arrests relative to irregularities or requirements in licensing, illegal immigration, personal use of drugs or the enforcement of tax law, must never result in the unconstitutional destruction of human life or the violent taking of property. All of the above mentioned agencies have seldom been held culpable for their willful or negligent acts, morally and physically detrimental to the citizenry.

Presidential pardons for those officials having betrayed public confidence is unconscionable and a direct insult to honest citizens and the ideals of justice. Success of both federal and local law enforcement is dependent upon the goodwill of the people. And, a peaceful community is the result of an equal partnership between government and citizenry. Lacking reciprocal confidence, the consequences will be minor acts of dissention escalating into mass rebellion. Only you can restore veracity and dignity to the office of President and the Executive branch of government. Without the reestablishment of justice, “Compassionate Conservatism” is simply one more political deception.

In accordance with my analysis of their doctrines and temperaments, the spirits of our Founding Fathers grieve as this formerly brave populace now lives in fear and under the yoke of an oppressive socialist government, where our national and individual sovereignty flutters precariously in the wind. They behold this bureaucracy as ponderous, wasteful, incompetent and obscene, remaining as a threat to our Creator bestowed liberties. Our Constitutionalist Fathers are troubled, as they further see this once noble nation of patriotic and pioneering citizens now being deceived and betrayed by politicians and other bureaucrats, incrementally extorting constitutionally protected civil liberties.

I trust that the valor, determination and forthrightness of our Founding Fathers will be of inspiration to you. Out of respect for the virtues, devotion and gallantry exemplified by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, I earnestly request that you adopt a patriotic, no compromise, constitutional stance. If you are unable to effectually direct such inspiration, I fear that our “Sovereign Constitutional Republic” will be lost to the ages, or at the very least, suffer significant misfortunes.

Sir, our Republic is in distress. Hence, two paramount questions persist, requiring your introspection, followed by just and decisive actions. Has government moved beyond the point for a peaceful return, potentially igniting a second revolution? If not, can we optimistically anticipate that Constitutional restoration will be achieved through lawful executive actions or principled congressional intervention?

Regarding either potential, an impressive segment of the population shares similar anxieties yet remains ostensibly tranquil. For these patient but also determined individuals, the depraving and debilitating influences of “Socialism” will eventually become intolerable. For the security of our nation, politicians must no longer ridicule such concerns as being irrelevant nor be permitted to place their self-serving interests above the rights of the people and nationalism.

Contemplate with wisdom, Mr. President, the profound, nationwide consequences of your response to this unparalleled Republic, and the cherished gift of individual liberty from our “Fathers”. I appeal to your code of honor. Treasure and defend our Constitutional principles, which have guided and sustained this nation through difficult challenges. If you, with sincerity, denounce governmental intrusion and courageously choose the path of enlightenment and liberty, all loyal Americans will joyfully march at your side.

This has been a letter of bittersweet observations and conclusions. I dare say, a bit more tart than tasty. It nonetheless, comes to you with my support and from the heart.


Sergei Borglum Hoff

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