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9/11 anniversary shown on CBC from Canada
Mon Sep 11, 2006 03:39

Tonight I watched (and taped) a 2 hr show regarding 9/11 on the cable channel 99, CBC, here in Seattle. They played the tape from the tripped mike by the captain of flight 77, I believe it was, and you could hear the hijacker talking over the intercom to the passengers telling them: "Sit down, we are going back to the airport; everything is going to be ok. Just sit down." NOW< why would the hijacker say that if he was going to deliberately crash the plane into the pentagon? Can anyone explain this? I heard these statements on the tv, and certainly it could be rigged, BUT if they were really going to highjack the planes, why would the conversation to the passengers be one of reassurance and that they were returning to the airport?

You know, if people would just honestly stop and think: if we can prove JUST 1 of the planes was not crashed as stated by the Georgie Porgie ganastas', then there goes the whole damn thing down the tolet!!

AND we can prove that by the pictures of the pentagon: NO PLANE DEBRIS, NO BODIES, NO WHEELS, NO WINGS/TAIL, NO FUSELAGE,etc., NOTHING of that plane in the pics taken IMMEDIATELY after the "crash" while firefighters were putting out the fire (JUST before the small section the effected side of the building COLLAPSES).

AND how does a plane crash into a building of 6-8 inches of contrete, and leave such a narrow, narrow hole and not leave ONE PIECE OF PLANE WRECKAGE!!!????

I'm telling you, there was NO plane crashed into the pentagon; therefore, the WHOLE STORY FALLS APART. WHAT happened to the REAL planes and passengers? WE'll just have to ask Georgie Porgie and his gangstas' during their impeachment/murder trials, now won't we.

BUT we can all rest assured that this 9/11 was caused by this government; be ready, they're going to pull something else because Georgie's ratings are so low.

By the way, Alex Jones, you must help your friend Prof. Jones, Brigham Young university, because he came to you and your other scientific persons aid proving that there is chemcial evidence for the implosion of the Trade Towers and NOW his is suspended by the University indefinitely w/pay. He put his career on the line and now the pressure is on. PLEASE, Alex, read this and help him. Thanks


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