The Next 9/11.....
Mon Sep 11, 2006 20:16

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Subject: The Next 9/11.....
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:13:59 -0400
From: jacque ponty


For nearly a thousand years, stealthy acts of unclaimed terror spectacles
have been the choice methodology the puppetmasters of the dark force have
used for power grabs and crusades of global conquest. But now strategists
from far and wide, have seen the effects of these spectacular terror
strikes, and they have learned one thing - Terror works! And so now the
principle target of all the "Evildoers," both from Texas and abroad, is the
American people. That is the Irony. Because Americans are the very
embodiment and exaltation of the spectacle, it's only natural that we become
the very spectacle itself. Soon many of us will get to watch our own death
live on CIA/CNN. Soon, in the society of spectacular victims (Which America
has surely become) someone will watch the live CNN broadcast of their own
death on their wristwatch television, palm, or vidi-cellphone as their
plane's fiery drama unfolds live, or the city they live in wafts over with
the death sentence of an Anthrax attack, live, on Spectaclevision's live
broadcast of the next American Spectacle.

But now that we have this knowledge one would think that it would spoil the
intended effect, lessen the impact, co-opt or preempt such an attack. Not
so. The cat's out of the bag. The spectacular effects of terrorism and its
ability control populations especially Americans is not lost on any thinking
rouge nation... or any ex or current President... or any ex or future
superpower. The Bush criminal clan is not the only group who has learned how
to use terrorism to control the American population. In attacking America,
Bush and the dark hand which buttresses him sends a clear message and lesson
to every enemy of freedom and peace in the world today.

China and or Russia are at present undoubtedly assessing the feasibility of
manufacturing and deploying onto US soil, small tactical nuclear devices,
made to look like they were crudely manufactured by an able terrorist group.
At this level it becomes merely a matter of a smuggling operation and
nothing more.

The origin of the first detonation of a wartime use of a nuclear bomb on US
soil will be so cloaked in layers and layers of deception that any evidence
found is actually more likely to be the exact opposite of what it is
representing itself as. So if the "evidence" found points to Osama that will
mean that it is highly unlikely that Osama did it. If the evidence points to
China it would likely mean that China had nothing to do with it. It means
that nearly any adversary from China to Russia to Israel to folks right here
in the good old' USA can explode a smuggled device and plant "Evidence" to
implicate whom ever they chose. And in the rush of lies and systematic
deception, that is the American media, the truth will as always be
completely obfuscated.

So if China or Russia wanted to hit us now they could deploy a scenario (A
Psy-op) to have the appearance that it was Osama's Bin Laden's Al Queda that
did it.

They learned that lesson from the masters of terrorism - The US based arms
and oil industrialists who orchestrated the September 11th attacks. Bush let
the cat out of the bag. Anyone who wants to attack America, say for example
by slamming aeroplanes into US landmarks like twin towers they would simply
plant evidence to implicate al Queda or anyone else they choose. You get the

Intercontinental ballistic missile plumes and trajectories are impossible to
cloak, so almost assuredly the first nuclear detonation used against the
United States in this world of simulations and deception will be planted -
not fired from a missile - it will be a ground blast. And this scenario of
secretly detonating nuclear bombs in American cities includes, "sneak
attack," scenarios from China, Russia, Israel as well as the most likely
perpetrator - A group of American Industrialists linked to George Bush Sr.

Here's what New York City would look like with a medium yield ground burst
in Times Square. Even at the periphery, although many buildings are still
standing most of its habitants, including yours truly, will be vaporized.
Anyone in direct sight of the bomb will be killed in the initial thermal
flash. Then comes the first shock wave quickly followed by the blast.

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