1952 Illuminati plan to invade USA!!!
Wed Sep 13, 2006 03:50

Dear Patriots,
Like Michael, I envision a world where there is freedom. liberty and justice for all people and not just for an elite few at the top. But, we cannot achieve this noble vision until nearly all of mankind is destroyed. There are too many world leaders, corporations and greedy cut throat bankers who want to hold onto an economic system based on greed, oppression, war and terrorism.
Do you think that the for profit U.S. military industrial complex is interested in peace and love? Is Satan and his NWO minions capable of aborting their ungodly plans to invade our beloved America?
At the link below you will find 1952 Illuminati plans to launch a massive invasion and surprise attack on unsuspecting U.S. citizens and our Government knows all about it!!!
1)Northeast: Columbian and Venezuelan troops
2)Southern U.S. to California: Russian troops
3)Midwest:Belgian troops
4)Northwest:Irish troops
5)Canada: Chinese and Russian troops
6)Mexico: Chinese troops
Note: The U.S. Federal Government Inc. has given the Chinese control over an abandon U.S. military base in Long Beach, California!!! Prior to this ground assault on the American people all or most U.S. military troops who could save us will be shipped abroad. Now maybe you can see why the U.S. military is stretched so thin...May Almighty God have mercy on all of us...
Enter here: the painful truth and actual map are about half way down the page,

In peace,

Daniel E. Moore,President
A.C.E. Network Mission

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