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Osama as another Givara, NO WAY. Osama doesn't have any appeal in the Middle East nor amongst Moslems, who see through him and concluded that he is an imposter or a decoy used to primarily in the US to scare the gullible populace to justify the neocons wars.

1- If Al Qaeda is really fighting Western influence and domination and their surrogate oppressive regimes why doesn't Al Qaeda carry out its operations in the Middle East, in familiar territory where it's alleged agents can blend in with the population, given the familiarity with religion and lack of language and cultural barriers. However, the fact of the matter is that Al Qaeda never carried out any operation against any of those regimes, however they try to take credit for the local resistance against some of these oppressive regimes and lately made a big lie which showed how phony they are by alleging that certain groups and individuals in EGYPT endorsed Al Qaeda, which was denied by all these groups individuals. So Al Qaeda, the base as it means in Arabic, really has no base in the Middle East, which brings us to the next interesting point.

2- Osama the Ben Laden, is part of the Ben Laden family known for its close business ties with major US corporations doing business in the Middle East, and specially the Bush family. Osama was never known to have had any formal or informal training in guerilla warfare nor even use of weapons. So how can anyone explain that Osama who just got his civil engineering degree from some Saudi College gets tapped by the CIA to lead the so called "Mujahedeen" in the guerilla war in Afghanistan against the Russians. Things like that don't happen overnight, specially after it was revealed that the CIA supplied weapons and training to the "Mujahedeen" and had many CIA officers on site to direct the operations. This leads one to assume that Osama, due to his close family ties with the Bush family, known for its strong grip on the CIA, was asked to assume the role of the figure head of the Mujahedeen, making fiery speeches, spiced up with Quranic versets to attract the gullible to join the "Mujahedeen" to assure a steady supply of combattants to fight our war to push the Soviets away from accessing the warm waters, which was always a strategic goal of the Soviet Union, and most probably still is. This is very well demonstrated by the following item.

3- Osama escaped Afganistan soon after the Russians evacuated and the Afghanis fell into a civil war in which Osama's life was going to be definitely at great risk, so he took refuge in Sudan. Well, the government of Sudan offered to turn him over to both the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, who declined in spite of the very well publicized speeches and intentions of Osama to topple the Saudi regime. Even more interesting is the fact that good old Bill Clinton also refused a similar offer from the government of Sudan to mend fences with the Clinton Administration which lobbed a couple of cruise missiles on some drug factories, claiming that they were used by Al Qaeda to manufacture explosives, which was later on verified by the UN that it was a legitimate drug factory. Why would both the US and Saudi Arabia, refuse to take on a silver platter one of their allegedly sworn enemies, unless Osama was not really what he was claimed to be and that he has again a bigger role to play as shown below.

4- The Pakistani intelligence, one of our surrogates in the region, brought in the Taliban to prevail over the warring factions in Afghanistan and then only then that good old Osama moved back to Afghanistan where he reverted to the fiery extremist rhetoric which didn't have much following in the Middle East, but it was and still is highly publiciized in our media circles to give Osama a much larger status and importance than he really has and to his organization, Al Qaeda, the base which is really baseless. Taliban was brought in to emulate the Saudi style regime which uses the religion to run the country with an iron fist, crushing any dissent using Islam as an excuse, which is a total falasy since Islam does not condone repression of citizens nor women. Taliban was supposed to sign off the pipeline deal from Tajikistan and Uzbakistan through Pakistan to start flowing oil and natural gas from these two land locked Republics, ex-Soviet territories. Chevron budgeted a Million dollar for a training program at the UNiversity of Nebraska to train Afghani's on pipeline maintenance and operation, however, the Taliban with their narrow minded view of life, refused to sign on the deal and were threatened by the famous statement by one of the American negotiators for the deal, who said: "You can either roll in carpets of gold or be carpet bombed!" and this was the end of that which triggered the war on Afghanistan, which according to Paul O'Neil was a forgone conclusion by July'01, before 9/11 ever occurred.

5- Isn't it funny that Osama is always issuing those high quality professionally produced tapes which always come in the most opportune time to shore up some of the Administration's claims to help scare the people or try to corraborate a story that the Administration made up. Isn't it funny that those tapes always find their way to Al Jazeera, on which Osama and his chronies became some sort of regulars, they almost can have their own weekly show if they want to. Where in the mountains can they have the luxury to make this sort of professional jobs where acoustic and lighting are very well done, unless it is in the mountains of Virginia or something. Al Jazeera is an Israeli tv network which operate in Qatar, a very well packaged tv network which supposedly aim at spreading democracy and voicing free opinions. Qatar is like the rest of theGulf States, run by a puppet family which control the Fiefdom with an iron fist, and does not have the technology to repair a sewer pipe, they have foreigners doing that for them. So how come these guys who know nothing but laying around enjoying the bounties of the natural gas wells which are managed by foreigners, they don't have to work at it, it's easy money, and all they have to do is enjoy life and reproduce, how can such a fiefdom get the vision to launch such a tv network to spread "democracy" and be the soap box for the enemy of their similar form of government in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and of course their own Qatar. All that shows that it doesn't add up.

6- Isn't it funny that now that more and more Americans after piecing together the official information about 9/11 came to the conclusion that 9/11 can not be but an inside job, and then Osama again runs to the rescue by releasing this funny tape showing the training that Al Qaeda operatives got to carry out 9/11. 9/11 was a very well coordinated precise operation that only a professional intelligence service which is intimately familiar and knowledgeable with the US Air Traffic Control system, navigation and experience to fly heavy air liner with such precision to their targets that no one with cursory knowledge about flying can do. We all remember the original claims that the FBI found Arabic translated flight manuals, which was a joke in itself since all the tags and plates in the hi-jacked airplanes were in English, let alone the fact that those airplanes use digital glass cockpits, unlike the old 707 analog gadgets, which makes it impossible to fly without knowing how to operate the various screens to follow the proper course to their destinations at the proper altitudes. But Osama again came to the rescue to allege that he was behind 9/11, to help cover up another lie by the Administration, forgetting that 5 of the alleged hi-jackers are still alive and well in Saudi Arabia and 2 were already dead two years before 9/11.

7- Isn't is interesting that all the terrorist attacks in Madrid, the two in London, and the two in Sinai/EGYPT took place at an opportune time, one to help re-elect the ex-prime minister of Spain, which backfired and he lost the elections, and interestingly the alleged perpetrators were alleged to have committed suicide in jail in Spain, they were by the way Moroccan jews. The London bombings which happened around the time when the notorious classified Downing Street memo surfaced revealing the plans between Prime Minister Blair and G W Bush to fix the intelligence to attack Iraq, and the second liquid bomber plot, which is also another joke since Chemistry 101 does not support the highly touted evidence and alleged crime, which at the concentrations given wouldn't have produced even a little "poof" let alone all the smoke that it would have generated which require intensive ventilation not available in any airplane lavtory, but just another diversion during the killing of civilians in Lebanon by Israel. Isn't it kind of unusual when all the casualties in 9/11, London bombings, Madrid trains and Sinai EGYPT were all ordinary hapless citizens who have nothing to do with terrorism nor wars? Isn't it really odd that the company in charge of security for the London Transportation is an Israeli company which give it access to areas not accessible to the public, and can presumably allow any of its workers to place a bomb, if he/she wants to, very easily, and needless to say that all these Israeli security companies are manned by ex-Mossad and Shin Beit agents. Interestingly enough, the airports from which the hi-jacked airplanes involved in 9/11had Israeli security companies responsible for security and passengers check-out before heading to their respective gates, which would allow them, if they want to, to slip box cutters or any other form of weapon very easily.

All these are a series of facts and postulations based on the public information available, since there are no evidence available not even the remains of the alleged hi-jackers, which lead to one conclusion and that is Osama and his chronies are just figure heads who play a role defined for them, and they most probably live here in the US because the whole world know about them from books published in Europe specially the one by the French Thierry Misson, L'effroyable Imposture, which revealed the role of Osama and his connections with the CIA.

But the real conclusion is that Al Qaeda = Mossad

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