Popular Mechanic's authors--idiots Part III
Sat Sep 16, 2006 09:55

At Wed Sep 13, 02:45:34 PM EDT, lesliemai said...
this reminds me of the pod people who claim a missle or such hit pentagon. and perhaps some gov or organizations make a site or 2 that try to prove a theory like this. then one day a tape will surface show a plane hit pentagon, others will stand up and say perhaps all conspiracy theroy people are lunitic types. one thing is certian all Jews are not Zionist but all Zionists are Jewish !

At Wed Sep 13, 02:59:39 PM EDT, qrswave said...
I have to disagree with you leslie, all Zionists are not Jewish - many are Evangelical Christians, or at least call themselves that.

The only thing you can say that all Zionists have in common is their racism, their brutality, and their lies.

And regarding what hit the pentagon - the more important question is 'who was behind it?'

At Wed Sep 13, 03:27:24 PM EDT, srknl said...
honestly, all this is getting to confusing for me cause each side seems to have its truths and lies and each side seems to be right and wrong. and since the evidence is all gone (ofcourse we know thanks to whom it is all gone before ever being investigated) i think both sides will keep disproving the other about their theories and hypothesis. and since i myself am a lay person in physics, engineering and demolition sciences, i really don't know whose facts to believe. This in reference to only the fall of the WTC towers, nothing else. Though the fall (pull) of WTC 7 leaves no doubt in my mind about that building and how that was all planned so then why not the other 2 towers ??

anyway, thought you guys might enjoy the following link. it is a written version of the programme that was aired but I am sure if u google the programme name, u will get to see the video on youtube or google or somewhere on the net.

EXCLUSIVE...9/11 Debate: Loose Change Filmmakers vs. Popular Mechanics Editors of "Debunking 9/11 Myths"
AMY GOODMAN, Democracy Now!

At Wed Sep 13, 03:33:36 PM EDT, crusader bunnypants said...
'who was behind it?'

Since the Groundbreaking of the Pentagram was on 9/11/41, and the remodel of wedge 1 was completed on 9/11/01, and the Pentagram was rededicated on 9/11/02 I would say some sick ... Masons did it!

At Wed Sep 13, 04:43:46 PM EDT, Michael Price said...

The reason it's confusing, is there are Zionists on both sides of the argument, deliberately trying to confuse you!

Watch the movie JFK. It leads you away from what really happened, to a phony conspiracy theory. The movies producers, writers and director were all Zionists. The purpose was to cover the real conspiracy (read 'Final Judgement' to get a better idea of what really happened).

The same organization was behind 9-11 as the JFK assasination. I'll give a clue to who they are: they're the ones you can't accuse, or it'll get you in trouble. You can say or write it was organized crime that conspired to kill JFK, but criminals won't harm you for doing it. You can say 9-11 was done by Muslims, and not be in trouble for saying it. You can write it was the CIA behind both, but they won't bother you for writing it. You can write it was the communists, you won't get in trouble. You can even say it was Lyndon Johnson who conspired to kill JFK and President Bush who was behind 9-11, no harm will come to you!

But if you write it was the Zionists...not only will SOT give you a strike with his dull wit, but there may be more serious consequences.

Clues to who was behind 9-11:
The world's largest and richest financial company, Goldman Sachs, which has three floors of the WTC, closed down and told their mostly Jewish employees to stay home that day. Of thousands of Jews that worked in the World Trade Center, surprisingly few died that day, (check the list of names). I used to live in NYC and did a lot of business in the WTC and believe me, there were a LOT of Jews working there. Jews don't usually drive cabs, work at hot-dog stands, work as janitors, firemen or labourers - but they were very well represented among all the attorneys, treasurers, and CFO's in the WTC.

And the Zionists have lots of people in high places to make sure their involvement in 9-11 was covered up. We'll never know ALL the details of what happened that day. But remember the video Loose Change was made by two young Jews - mind you, I'm not accusing them of anything, but keep that in mind.

With everything that's written, it's not easy to find the truth, although some of it is there behind the maze of confusing Zionist BS. I'm not saying everything on Loose Change is BS, but the essential part of the story is not being told.

The questions we must always ask are: What was the motive? Who did 9-11 really benefit?

At Wed Sep 13, 05:23:39 PM EDT, lesliemai said...
pity people cant focus on charity and helping the needy instead of bombs and bullets. feeding the hungry instead of building walls, and plotting to decieve. focus more on doing good deeds and thinking about the hereafter.

At Wed Sep 13, 05:40:55 PM EDT, srknl said...
Thanks MP,

I always appreciate your comments.

Interesting about how Zionists on both sides of the argument, trying to confuse one because believe me they are really succeeding as far as i am concerned ..... :)

Also, i like the questions you have put forward. I can see what motivated the attacks and i also see who benefits from them and it is definately not OBL or the muslims. I guess i was/am trying to look for something more concrete and substantial to show me who was really behind the attacks. But maybe I should just stick to the questions of motive and benefit because the other proof will never get clear for me.

At Wed Sep 13, 06:12:12 PM EDT, Michael Price said...
I just saw an interesting article about Alex Jones. According to this:
His wife is Jewish, he's really a Zionist. He came up with a BS theory that Lyndon Johnson was somehow behind the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. He leads the public down a confusing path of BS about 9-11 conspiracy theories.

Lots of other interesting information about Alex Jones in this article:

(July 14 2006 edition)

Title: "Alex Jones is controlled opposition and covers for the Khazar/Ashkenazi/Zionist mafia?"

When we're seeking truth, all roads seem to lead to the Zionists.

At Wed Sep 13, 06:46:55 PM EDT, Michael Price said...
By the way the best information, the clearest and best written explanation about 9-11 is in our opening comment here by The Great Revealer: the excellent article by Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq. This is the REAL truth about 9-11, if anyone wants to know it. It wasn't really an "inside job", it was more of a Mossad false flag operation.

Thanks, Great Revealer!

At Wed Sep 13, 07:11:10 PM EDT, impeachbusholé said...

I held a double feature at the downtown theater in Rapid City, SD on 9/11/06. 82 people paid for tickets. $600 of the $680 cost of holding the event were recuperated in admission fees and donations.

Please see my poster.

Special thanks to Dustin Mugford.

At Wed Sep 13, 07:16:18 PM EDT, impeachbusholé said...
While it may be argued by some that W wasn't a knowing participant, I don't think it can be credibly argued that he has not obfuscated 911 investigation; he most certainly is a knowing participant in the 911 cover up.

Is Bush a Mossad president?

At Wed Sep 13, 09:01:23 PM EDT, The QuoMan said...
This article has been plagarised and is almost two years old.

The author that Rense credits as writing the article is Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq. Go to and then scroll down to the post made by Bernard on Wednesday December 1st, 2004 at 8:02 pm. You will discover that Abdul-Khaaliq has done a copy and paste job, added a few paragraphs of his own, re-posted on Rense's site, and claimed credit for the work!

There are also several inaccuracies in the article, notably Netyanyahu's quote which was: "It’s very good.....Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel." The OBL interview that the article refers to was not for the BBC, it was with the Karachi-based Pakistani newspaper, Ummat. Carol Valentine wass not the interviewer - she is a researcher who posted a transcript of this 2001 interview on her website.

Sorry guys but you've been duped. Shame on you Mr. Abdul-Khaaliq.

At Wed Sep 13, 10:05:34 PM EDT, brookskof said...
the quoman,

I'd like to be excluded from any group of people you consider duped by that article. He copied an article from is totally invalid. It's a conspiracy site and nothing more. He has articles about aliens and UFOs. That alone completely invalidates his site. He has a story he wrote about a ridiculous tesla device that some nefarious organization uses to control the world. It's a story about BS. It's totally made up but it's there on his site to mislead people.

First people get a link to a 911 article, or read some article that is accredited to Then they go to the main site and end up falling into a trap. Next thing you know weak minded people are talking about UFOs and 911 in the same conversation making even the benevolent side of the 911 movement look retarded. Then you get videos like this loose change "debate" on democracy now. The popular mechanics guys have to make sure and repeat that dylan is a conspiracy theorist and associating their actions with illogical "conspiracy theorists" and making absurd remarks like "in conspiracy there are no coincidences". Try telling this to the judge the next time you go to court: "in the court room, there are no coincidences". is not a place where you can get good information. It's a place to avoid so as to not be deceived. And it's a place hurting the truth.

For the record I don't support Loose Change or anyone involved in the production. All of the questionable people involved in the 911 movement are pushing Loose Change religiously and almost no other videos. Deborah Simon financed the video. Her family also financed Lee Hamilton from the 911 commission. She's connected to a lot of other totally corrupt people in this movement as well. Anyhow... don't read with your brain turned off.

At Wed Sep 13, 10:22:32 PM EDT, steven andresen said...
It has seemed to me that one of the important puzzles about 9-11 and one of the points that gives the "conspiracy theorists" a lot of credibility to me is the fact that much of the evidence was carted off and the investigations thwarted all before independent investigators could have done much work.

I have thought the difference between vigilantes or a mob armed with pitchforks and torches out after Frankenstein's monster was there being some sort of sanctioned investigation into the "facts of the case." You know, there should be a hanging,...but only if it's done fair and square.

I have thought there's nothing done fair and square here and so the whole thing seems crooked.

The idea that you can't convict them if there's no evidence pointing in their direction is pretty main-stream.

Kennedy's brain was taken. The Towers were removed from ground zero. And, apparently, ballots can be destroyed to cover up the theft, or possible theft, of elections. See here:

for what's happening in Mexico.

At Wed Sep 13, 11:01:54 PM EDT, Michael Price said...
The Quoman:
A lot of people have been duped it's true, but not by Mr Abdul-Khaaliq.
It's true that some of his information is taken from the source you mention, but only for the purpose of passing it on to more people, as we have here. The mistake in crediting the article to him was by Jeff Rense, there was no deliberate plagerizing by Mr. Abdul-Khaaliq. If there may be a couple of minor inaccuracies, it doesn't change the fact that most of the article is as close to the truth as you can find.
Although I agree that much that we find on Rense's site is not good information - for example, all the BS about UFO's - this particular article is an excellent one.

Thanks again for posting it, Great Revealer.

Remember: Anyone who writes the truth about Zionists will be discredited. Zionists will attempt to prove that any truthful information about what they've done is inaccurate.
But don't be duped by them.

At Wed Sep 13, 11:06:26 PM EDT, lesliemai said...
you made me think qrs and i was able to research abit and found indeed several types of zionism i was ignorant of specifically ,Christian Zionism
General Zionists
Labor Zionism
Reform Zionism aka Progressive Zionism
Religious Zionism aka Mizrachi
Revisionist Zionism.

At Wed Sep 13, 11:28:23 PM EDT, Michael Price said...
I just wanted to add: What better place for Zionists to allow the truth about 9-11 to be posted than on Jeff Rense's website? What better way to convince people it's wrong, to make it all seem like something from the minds of the delusional, then have it posted there with all the UFO stories and all the other crackpot stuff?

Sometimes I think nuts like Rense are just actors on the Zionist payroll.

At Thu Sep 14, 02:25:45 AM EDT, The Great Revealer said...
Michael Price said...

I just wanted to add: What better place for Zionists to allow the truth about 9-11 to be posted than on Jeff Rense's website? What better way to convince people it's wrong, to make it all seem like something from the minds of the delusional, then have it posted there with all the UFO stories and all the other crackpot stuff?

Sometimes I think nuts like Rense are just actors on the Zionist payroll.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MP, I wouldn't be surprised. I tried to give Adolf Hitler the benefit of the doubt, but it's kinda hard to believe he has "such determined hatred" for 'Jews' because he was one. That would not have escaped his attention. It doesn't add to his (Hitler's) credibility that his 'Nazi' (related to AshkeNAZI) party was FINANCED AND SUPPORTED by the Ashkenazis, particularly the most powerful family in the world, the Rothschild (also "Jewish", i.e. Ashkenazi).

Furthermore, MANY (not just a "few", but MANY, MANY) of this top leutenants were "Jewish", of which HITLER HAD NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER WITH --- the most famous of all was Joseph Goebbles.

These facts alone, and especially taken together leaves NO DOUBT that Hitler was their "front man", a figure head. Much like JOSEPH STALIN (the Ashkenazis love the name "Joseph" don't they?!).

Something smells rotten, TERRIBLY ROTTEN. And both you and I know what it is!

At Thu Sep 14, 01:52:16 PM EDT, beade said...
Maybe Meigs is right -- that every last one of the so-called "conspiracy theories" is a myth.

However, the Kean Commission report is also a conspiracy theory. So why turn a blind eye to that report instead of a jaundiced one?

Watching Meigs in a 5th Anniversary 9/11 Debate with "Loose Change" film producers (aired on Democracy Now!) made Meigs look like the expert medical witness (read: stooge) in a court trial who conveniently backs up the evidence presented by whomever paid him to appear.

Unfortunately for "Loose Change"'s producers, the opportunity to expose Meigs was pissed away by Jason Bermas' "righteous indignation" -- as well as calling Meigs a liar to his face on camera.

Still, as long as Meigs is given an otherwise free ride by the MSM Our Dick will continue to gravel away in his mealy-mouthed scorn for dissent of any kind. We heard Pecker's same fantasies yet gain -- declaring on Sunday's MTP> with Tim Russert...

...that the official conclusions of "Kean" are not only somehow surendipitously true but we should be spending more of our leisure time preparing some kind of Roman triumph for Bush & Cheney -- for no further terrorist attacks occurring on their watch. That is, if we can


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