Popular Mechanic's authors--idiots Part IV
Sat Sep 16, 2006 09:57

...that the official conclusions of "Kean" are not only somehow surendipitously true but we should be spending more of our leisure time preparing some kind of Roman triumph for Bush & Cheney -- for no further terrorist attacks occurring on their watch. That is, if we can stop shaking in our boots long enough.

Yep...that's what the Ambassador from Penisylvania said: "no further attacks." That is: unless you count Iraqi insurgents, the Taliban, IEDs, and other munitions killing our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or simply happen to remember that Pancho Villa and his "Villisto-fascists" have been on the run from the Feds for the last 90 years -- and there's STILL no chance of catching them.

We know all too well that the Federal government has yet to discipline anyone for the lapses of that infamous day. They have, however, prosecuted accused whistleblowers. This despite despite protection assured to Federal whistleblowers spelled out in Federal law. DEspite considerable harrassment and threat
architects and structural engineers, physicists and physicians, seismologists, along with a virtual across-the-board sampler of well-qualified professionals. The same professionals who have more often submitted their findings for peer review than Meigs has. And they are same ones who still ask: how did the attacks happen so quickly and skillfully? It will probably cost some of them their careers.

No one should be persecuted for not accepting the government's version of anything about 9/11. And not just about the events themselves, but also the health problems occurring to rescuers, working people, and inhabitants who returned to lower Manhattan only a few days after the dust started -- but hadn't quite settled. And -- suspiciously -- with the full reassurance of the EPA.

So it's not just about myth de-bunking that makes Meigs smell of foul horseshit. It's Meigs' MSM-approved cherry-picking of the evidence in order to justify every ridiculous scare tactic or act of outright repression made by the Busheviks. The public increasingly sees the Administration as being genuinely as guilty as all Hell -- as well as the hubris in people who get paid to say "so what?"

Inevitably, that's never gonna stop Meigs from lambasting his critics for cherry-picking evidence by -- somewhat ironically -- accusing them of doing the very same thing.

At Fri Sep 15, 05:40:38 PM EDT, ISRAOIL said...
Help ! Just recently, I listened to a radio show from Arizonia (?) and had the two goofs from P.M.
A must hear. Host was fantistic.
Why did WTC fall like pancakes ?
P. M. goofs- stated that they had photos and could not publish them--top secret, of 1/3 of the main floor chunk missing from the debre hitting it.
They made every excuse-- assholes !-one of them is Homehomelands security cousin--Jerk-off
Can someone please post the radio talk show here--? thanks !

At Fri Sep 15, 05:59:23 PM EDT, Poseidon said...
In the above article recently pasted and sent to Rense, there is a quoted paragraph regarding the "magic passport theory", dating back to January 2, 2003 if not earlier.) The original reports held that this was Satam al-Suqami's passport; in later reports it was said to be Mohammed Atta's. It doesn't really matter, since the official theory alleges that both Suqami and Atta were on "Flight AA 11" which was claimed to have hit the North Tower from the north.

If the passport had somehow been ejected from the building and survived relatively unscathed, my analysis concluded that it should have ended up in Liberty Street to the south. Some reports claimed it was found "blocks away", but air resistance would have prevented it from clearing the buildings to the south of Liberty Street.

Vesey Street is the other oft-quoted site of the alleged passport discovery, e.g. as claimed by Wiki. Since the overpressure from the hydrocarbon deflagration would have been insufficient to decelerate the passport from hundreds of miles an hour in a southerly direction to tens of miles an hour in the opposite direction, it would indeed have been necessary for Suqami (or Atta) to have thrown his passport out of the window before they overflew Vesey Street. The scriptwriters had a fifty-fifty chance of correctly matching the hijacker's name with the street where it was supposed to have been found (for any one attempt). It is rather amusing that even after two goes, they blew it both times.

Regarding Jim Meigs and Popular Mechanics, I have corroborating evidence that they are part of a political operation to cover up Zionist crimes. On 6 September 2006 there was a hit on my website from an I.P. address which checks back to Hearst Magazines, New York, the Popular Mechanics publisher. They did a Google search for bollyn + sam + danner, and got on to one of my pages which comes at about tenth position. (That page points out that Sam admitted his story about "witnessing a Global Hawk hitting the Pentagon" was not entirely true - particularly the part about witnessing the object that hit the Pentagon! I have written a more recent page on how Eric Hufschmid, whose half-sister married Rupert Murdoch's son, is a COINTELPRO agent working to split the 911 truth movement. One of his recent tasks was to try to prise Christopher Bollyn away from American Free Press.)

So the next day, Jim Meigs went on the Frank Whalen show to "debunk the conspiracy theorists".

Hence, Popular Mechanics - with its 25-year-old online editor and "senior" researcher Benjamin Chertoff who is the cousin of Michael Chertoff - exhibits this clear tendency not to focus on the science as might be expected for such a magazine. Rather, the staff are actively looking for straw men like the Danner hoax that can easily be debunked.

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