Was Think Progress Used By Backstabbing AAR Faction?
Fri Sep 15, 2006 02:21

Air America To Declare Bankruptcy, But Progressive Radio Remains Strong

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Subject: Was Think Progress Used By Backstabbing AAR Faction?
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 11:16:48 -0500
From: Carolyn Kay Caro@MakeThemAccountable.com

Same thing I wondered.
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Was Think Progress Used By Backstabbing AAR Faction?

… From the first moment your Radio Equalizer heard about the report from lefty blog site Think Progress that [Air America Radio] would announce this move on Friday, it just didn't smell right. Three independent sources are really claiming this to be true?

They must know little about Air America: it's not easy to get three people in there to agree on the time of day, much less something of this importance. All of them gave the same details on the network's next move?

After consulting with those in the know and considering all of the facts at hand, your Radio Equalizer has come to this conclusion, which can fairly be called an educated guess: an internal faction that is attempting to gain (or regain) control of the network "leaked" this "news" to a major liberal blog site (knowing it would be taken seriously there) so as to immediately depress Air America's value.

With the liberal radio network now worth mere pennies, this shady group can ride to the rescue, immediately imposing its will on what remains of the operation and locking out potential outside buyers.

The plan would have worked, except for the fact that Air America's "bankruptcy" generated so much attention that creditors and potential advertisers are now very, very spooked. Did it destroy what was left of the business?...

[Click the title of the article for more of this sad story.—Caro]
Lots more really good stuff at MakeThemAccountable.com.

Carolyn Kay

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