“The Orders of The Day,” is all about The Vietnam War,
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This book, “The Orders of The Day,” is all about The Vietnam War,
The Drug War, Drug Chemical Warfare, The Women's War, The Race War,
Certain Ethnic Wars, The Economy and The Labor Front, The Systematic
Erosion of America’s Rights and Values, Richard Nixon’s Defense,
The Breakup of The United States, The North American Indian Federation
and The Yaki Indian Faith, Zen and The Lord's Gospel of Perfection:
of Matthew 5:48, and among many other topics of social and political
settings of intrigue in Defense of America and what we as people are
to stand for, and how to die bravely. Everyone needs to take an active
interest in this work and to help with the causes of our concerns for
The Greater Good in Civic Obligation. Proceeds go to fund our ongoing
Labor and Social Political Reform Agendas and to aid in The Legal
Defense of America's War Combat Veterans who are suffering from
psychiatric oppression. You need The Knowledge in this book in the
interests of your own survival.
This book will take you to another world.

Copies of this work can be purchased online at:

I can also send you out a personal copy if you prefer to
contact with me directly.

Gary L. Koniz
9480 Princeton Square Blvd. S., #815
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 730-2055

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