Now Everybody Focus! Think! Impeach VP Cheney!
Fri Sep 14, 2007 08:56

Text of fax broadcast:

NEW YORK, NEW YORK * 5 SEPTEMBER 2007 You can believe all that Madison Avenue hype about Al Qaida and five Arab youths flying American Airlines Flight 77 out to Kentucky and back for an attack on the Pentagon without being intercepted by NORAD. It's your right to do so.

It is your right to swallow the swallowers of Madison Avenue, but don't force others to swallow that five young flight students who were not qualified for flying big commerical jets flew a 757 on a sharp, rapidly descending 270 degree turn and, hitting the bullseye at the Pentagon, left no recognizable debris from a 757, but rather an engine rotor very like those used on old A3 Skyhawks. Shaquille O'Neal could comfortably limber up in the intake area of a 757 engine, but photos reveal the rotor of the Skyhawk engine is barely knee high to the recovery team member standing next to it.

So if you are still inclined to swallow the swallowers of Madison Avenue, then swallow the whole avenue too, with all the fire hydrants used by the fabulous dogs of the Upper East Side! And if you do, we still have to deal with the anti-aircraft missile battery defending the Pentagon. This key issue you will find under the steamy sewer plates of Madison Avenue. Burp!

But don't tell me that Osama bin Laden stood down the Pentagon anti-aircraft missile defense system! Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta gave testimony at the 9/11 Commission Hearings that was left out of the report (see ). Mineta's testimony clearly shows Vice President Richard Cheney in command and overseeing the emergency situation as AA Flight 77 approached Washington from at least 50 miles out. Cheney must answer to charges of impeding the defense of the Pentagon and the capital. Standing down the anti-aircraft missile defense system is an impeachable offense. Putting the entire blame on a clearly infiltrated NORAD is a fraud. Cheney should be impeached, tried, convicted and jailed before any October Surprises!


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