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Steal This Movie! - Abbie (Abbott) Hoffman
Fri Sep 14, 2007 21:19

Steal This Movie (2000) is an American biographical film of 1960s radical figure Abbie Hoffman. It was directed by Robert Greenwald and the ... all screenplay was written by Bruce Graham. It is based on a number of books including To america with Love: Letters From the Underground by Anita and Abbie Hoffman and Abbie Hoffman: American Rebel by Marty Jezer.

The film follows Abbie Hoffman's (Vincent D'Onofrio) relationship with his second wife Anita (Janeane Garofalo) and their awakening and subsequent conversion to an activist life. The title of the film is a play on Hoffman's 1970 counter-culture guidebook titled Steal This Book.

FBI Freedom of Information Act:

Abbie (Abbott) Hoffman

Steal This Movie!
Robert Greenwald
1 hr 47 min 45 sec - Aug 10, 2006

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