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BREAKING: Greenspan Fingers Bush-Clinton Crime Family in Sec
Sat Sep 15, 2007 23:29

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September 15, 2007

As We Continue to Identify the Enemies
of the American Revolution in the 21st Century
and Annihilate Them


By Tom Heneghan

Alan Greenspan, left, steps down Jan. 31 after more than 18 years in office, making way for Bernanke, center, a former Fed governor and current White House economic adviser. Bernanke was nominated by President Bush and is expected to win easy Senate confirmation next month.
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

It can now be reported that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has testified in a secret National Security Court in Virginia that both the Bush and Clinton Crime Syndicate misused the Federal Reserve system for their own personal financial and political gain.

Further, Greenspan now believes that the current Federal Reserve under Chairman Ben Bernanke is being threatened and blackmailed to lower interest rates, which would place the world banking system in chaos as monetary and currency inflation could reach chaotic levels.

Reference: Informed sources familiar with Bank of America and Bear Stearns allege that the Federal Reserve is on orders from Bushfraud to bail out Bank of America and the Bear Stearns Hedge Fund.

Note: The Northern Rock Bank of the United Kingdom has already collapsed because of the criminal money laundering of both Bank of America and Bear Stearns Hedge Fund.

Bush is actually using the Patriot Act to give the Federal Reserve command and control decisions on monetary policies.

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Dynasty
(WSJ photo)

Greenspan has testified in a Virginia National Security Court that both current occupant Bushfraud and his father, former President Bush, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton used the Federal Reserve to set up private offshore alleged national security proprietary accounts for the purpose of laundering narcotics profits from their noted America Global China-Iran/Contra-Mena, Arkansas piggy bank.

Madeleine Albright (Foto: CHIP EAST/REUTERS)

Representing the Bushes and Clintons in this Federal Reserve bucket shop operation were none other than Madeleine Albright i.e. Halfbright, on behalf of the Clintons and former CIA Director, member of the Iraq Study Group and current United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on behalf of the Bushes.

Robert Gates and Bushfraud

Item One: Greenspan has also presented evidence showing the misuse of Civitas Stonebridge LLC as a Bush-Clinton Crime Family money laundry for stolen U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve financial instruments.

Item Two: Civitas Stonebridge LLC was the corporate entity that approved Bushfraud’s attempted sale of U.S. portal authority to Dubai Ports World in the United Arab Emirates.

It should also be reported that Mossad agent Sandy Berger, former Clinton National Security Adviser, who now works as an advisor to unelectable Hillary closet lesbian Rodenhurst Clinton not only stole 9/11 evidence out of the United States National Archives, but also took financial records and secret account numbers tied to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.


Stay tuned folks. We will soon post the Queen Melusina aka Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton’s secret offshore account in the Bahamas and the Bush Crime Family-Saddam Hussein-Queen of England’s secret Coots Bank account.

former Presidents H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton

Bushfraud and unelectable Hillary Clinton

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants and kings and notable queens!

P.S. Bushfraud has already used the Patriot Act to illegally fire U.S. Attorneys and hold back and stonewall the implementation of the Reagan-Mitterrand-Wanta Protocols.

P.P.S. The major U.S. network benefiting from this Federal Reserve crime spree on behalf of the Bushes and Clintons is none other than General Electric’s NBC, 202-885-4200.

Tim Russert (NBC)

Tim Russert and current Republican MSNBC talk show hosts Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews have benefited from financial insider trading tips from Greenspan’s Federal Reserve wife, NBC foreign policy correspondent Andrea Mitchell.

Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan

One last note: The Federal Reserve crime spree also involves the Bush-Clinton Crime Family use of the offshore accounts to finance the Bush-Clinton True Colors assassination teams on American soil and worldwide, that targeted both John F. Kennedy Jr. and former Vice President, now duly elected, non-inaugurated President Albert Gore Jr.

President John F. Kennedy and son John John
(photo timeinc)

Assassinated JFK Jr
(photo timeinc)

duly elected, non-inaugurated President Albert Gore Jr.

Direct message to Joe Scarborough, i.e. Scooby Do: We know about your involvement in the Florida coup d'état in the year 2000, that is why you covered up the murder of your female intern in your Florida office.

We also know you that read the True Colors manuscript during the Clinton impeachment fiasco.

So, once and for all, quit promoting unelectable Hillary closet lesbian Rodenhurst Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

A real president, other than Bush or Clinton, will appoint a REAL U.S. Attorney General and put all of these scumbags, along with General Electric’s NBC, in the big house.

And, of course, when all is said and done,
and you turn your TV off,
Albert Gore Jr. remains the duly elected,
non-inaugurated, President of the United States.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the controlled MSM cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

*** A REMINDER: Homosexual gays and lesbians who are "IN-THE-CLOSET" are a MAJOR threat to National Security being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American People.

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