by Col. Bob Pappas USMC, Ret
Not long ago a radio commentator said....
Sat Sep 15, 2007 21:02

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Republicans have abandoned Conservatism and
Democrats have abandoned Patriotism
by Col. Bob Pappas USMC, Ret

Not long ago a radio commentator said, "Democrats are committed to failure
in Iraq." He was at least partially right. It is evident that despite all
the errors, mistakes, misjudgments committed by the Republicans, and there
are plenty, the Democrats' political commitment to, in fact evident desire
for failure in Iraq and the WOT is abhorrent; and they have the temerity to
bristle when one challenges their patriotism. B.arbra S.treisand!

It's one thing for the Armed Forces to get beat in a fair fight, but quite
another when they are stabbed in the back by their own countrymen, Democrat
politicians and their cohorts in the media.

With each passing day the Democrat Party lurches farther and farther toward
the abyss. In a recent headline, "Dick Morris warns of a Senate GOP
wipeout." Could be, but with the shame that Democrats have been covering
themselves, there is bright hope for conservatism.

It is time to elect political independents that have the country more at
heart than either side of the present two party careerist political system.
Incidentally, someone recently wrote that the two party political system has
served the nation well for the better part of two centuries. But in point of
fact, for all their contemporary bickering both parties are more alike than

In recent years the Republicans have done everything they can to
out-Democrat the Democrats in spending and social liberalism. That leaves
conservatives with no party to represent them despite the Republican Party's
latter-day pathetically weak claim to be the party of conservatives.

It is a fact that most Americans are conservative at their core, but in the
last fifty years a minority of liberals has successfully dominated the
majority of conservatives. It's time for this last to change!

The solution is for conservatives of all political stripes to form either a
viable third party or take over one of the two existing liberal parties and
reform it. During the campaign of 2000 Bill Clinton stated to the effect
that the Republicans were trying to take over the Democrat agenda. He was
right. "Compassionate Conservative" means economic socialist with a social
conservative face.

Whereas "GW" has been far and away more a spendthrift than the most recent
Democrat, he is regrettably the Democrats' social-agenda equal as it
pertains to open borders, NAFTA, CAFTA, and general accommodation of the
pro-choice abortionist, and homosexual activists crowds. One can understand
the right being disenchanted but wonders, given his predispositions, why the
left hates him so.

His father's "new world order" may sit well with liberals, but it is
abhorrent to conservatives. The "global economy" may bring billions to
elitists on both the left and the right but it does pathetic little for the
average human being. Whereas Democrats make a lot of noise about the
disappearing middle class, they contribute exactly nothing to its
preservation or expansion.

Conservatives are:
. inherently nationalists not internationalists;
. inherently conservationists not polluters;
. inherently socially conservative not mindlessly liberal;
. inherently spiritual not secular;
. inherently pro-traditional nuclear family not sexually perverted or open
ended group gropes;
. inherently pro-life not pro-abortion/choice;
. they inherently believe in a Higher Power who created all things, not
themselves as the final arbiter of all things;
. they are inherently generous, granting others some of what they have
earned, not granting to others what someone else has earned;
. they give from the heart, not from or because of the law;
. they believe that the United States of America remains the world's best
hope for freedom and achievement and understand that is the reason that
millions come here both legally and illegally; and,
. they believe the solution to human-kinds' problems emanates from "Yaweh"
and the gospel, not sociological feel-good counseling and legal

Where else in the all the world do people knock down the doors, or sneak in
by droves?

For liberals that would have us emulate the European, Chinese, Canadian or
Soviet models, get a life!

Despite earlier condemnation of's recent "Betrayus" comment, it
is with thanks to the U.S. Armed Forces who are presently engaged with
another enemy in Iraq and around the globe that would remove liberals' right
of free speech, that bestows the right for liberals to utter such imbecilic

Again, God bless those Democrats who condemn's, "Betrayus," and
damn those who do not.

Semper Fidelis

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