Zakheim Connections and Roles; Accounting Offices hit 9/11
Mon Sep 17, 2007 00:07

Much more here on Zakheim, including not only his personal Judeo-communist (terrorists, as Winston Churchill wrote about them) history and heavy Jewish Zionist indoctrination (a common thread among the neoconservatives, and why the finger was pointed to Islamic fundamentalists without any hard evidence after 9/11), but also the following:

a) his work in a firm making remote control technology for aircraft,

b) his authorization of a fleet of 767's (as used in 9/11) to be retrofitted as fuel tankers,

c) that he is a cosignatory of the PNAC "new Pearl Harbor" document,

d) of his access to World Trade Center structural and security information after the 1993 bombing,

e) the missing Pentagon billions in his role as Pentagon comptroller (without any accountability before Congress)--AND THAT IT WAS THE MAJOR ACCOUNTING AND BOOK-KEEPING OFFICES WHERE PEOPLE WERE KILLED IN THE PENTAGON:

" is an eye-opening article originally from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Milan Simonich. It is titled Army unit piecing together accounts of Pentagon attack, and from it comes this striking information in paragraph six . . .

"One Army office in the Pentagon lost 34 of its 65 employees in the attack. Most of those killed in the office, called Resource Services Washington, were civilian accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts. They were at their desks when American Airlines Flight 77 struck.”

Apart from the question of whether it was F 77 that struck the Pentagon, ***it is more than ironic that accountants, bookkeepers and budgets analysts, the very people who could pick up the financial frauds were struck.*** Especially since the hit was directed supposedly at the Office of Naval Intelligence."

Recall Rumsfeld's announcement on Sept. 10th of the missing Pentagon billions, the day before 9/11.

There, obviously, would be the claim that the Pentagon's "books" could not be recovered sufficiently after 9/11 to then account for the missing billions--an extraordinarily convenient "collateral damage" that would serve to erase key financial records, as well as key witnesses to those records.


Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Also just this week, more news about the Pentagon's lack of financial accounting (fraud), where billions are still unaccounted for. Missing? Or have the books been "cooked"?

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