Dissing Israel ... I Must be Crazy!!!

Kurt Nimmo
Dissing Israel ... I Must be Crazy !!!
Sun Sep 12, 2004 08:35

Dissing Israel: Am I Crazy or What?
By Kurt Nimmo

Crazy, that’s what I am. Or so said a guy on the forum here at Press Action. You see, he takes issue with my “rants” because he thinks I make things up as I go along. I invariably reach preposterous conclusions. Not about Muslims or Africans or Chechens—but about the Israelis, or at least the Likudite Israelis.

I can’t blame him. I mean, sure, if you get all your information from the New York Times and Fox News, the things I write are going to hit the floor like a wet paper sack filled with crazy conspiracy theories like a dozen eggs. For those of us unwilling or unable to accept the possibility that governments—and not strictly the Israeli government—engage in covert nastiness, even against their own people, all of this is surely going to sound like the murmuring of a crazy person, even a miscreant.

Here’s what I said:

Intelligence “services,” such as the CIA and Mossad, go out of their way to create and nurture terrorism, mostly because it works so fantastically in their favor. I said Hamas is one such Frankenstein creation. This fact was documented by Richard Sale of United Press International, a news organization not exactly in the business of spinning wild and implausible conspiracy theories. (As a side note, it is interesting that this story no longer exists on the UPI servers. Like the Fox News story about the Israeli “art” student spies, it simply disappeared. It was sucked down a corporate version of an Orwellian memory hole. But the funny thing about the internet is that a story never truly disappears. It is posted elsewhere and lives on.)

Point is, it is daffy for me to reference this story, mostly because it was something Israel did 20 years ago, back when Hamas wasn’t blowing up commuter buses and pizza joints.

Hamas, or more accurately pre-Hamas—a contrivance of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization long ago penetrated by the CIA—served as a charitable organization back in the day, funding clinics, kindergartens, and educational programs. For the Israelis, supporting fundie Muslims was a good deal because the fundies were opposed to secular and revolutionary organizations such as the PLO. No doubt it pleased the Zionists when Islamist activists attacked the Red Crescent Society offices in 1980. Israel was happy to oblige when Islamist activists demanded they dismiss their secular opponents at the Islamic University of Gaza. For the Israelis, the Islamization of Palestinian society was a good thing. The Israeli government was all for Muslims attacking cinemas, liquor stores, casinos, and places where women mingled with men not their brothers or uncles. It tickled them pink when Hamas engaged in running gun battles with Fatah. Divide and conquer was the name of the game. It worked very well.

Naturally, things got out of hand when Ahmad Yassin and Abd al-Aziz Rantisi—both recently assassinated by Israel—declared Palestine to be an Islamic land that should never be surrendered to non-Muslims, in particular the Jews. It became particularly bad after the al-Aqsa massacre, when Hamas declared Israel its primary enemy (as opposed to the secular PLO) and put every Israeli soldier and settler on notice. I believe this is not really a sticking point for the Zionists because they still prefer wild-eyed Muslims over revolutionary Palestinian nationalists, even if innocent Israelis are killed along the way. People in Europe and America understand struggles for national liberation. Or rather educated liberals understand it. Right-wingers, on the other hand, consider “liberation” a form of commie subversion (that is unless the U.S. is delivering “liberation” to backward Arabs and Afghanis by way of shock and awe for the sake of Halliburton and Big Oil).

For the Greater Israel Zionists, any support, or at least tacit approval of Palestinian nationalism, is the worst possible thing. It’s a nightmare. So they have spent decades doing whatever they can to make the Palestinians out to be heartless and crazed terrorists. Hamas fits the bill perfectly because so many of them are obviously heartless and crazed terrorists—albeit heartless and crazed terrorists midwifed by Israeli intelligence via a rather successful false flag operation; that is to say Mossad (and the CIA) tricked Hamas into believing it is a homegrown operation doing the work of Allah when in fact it is doing precisely what the Zionists want—demonizing Muslims and Arabs through pointless suicide bombings and the like. For cynical sociopaths such as Ariel Sharon, a few dead Israelis are a price worth paying.

None of this has occurred in a vacuum. For instance, in 1954, Israeli was caught red-handed attempting to blow up diplomatic facilities in Egypt—and blame it on Arabs—including a diplomatic facility occupied by the United States. It later became known as the Lavon Affair, named after Israeli’s then Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon.

As former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky explains, Israel framed Libya for the murder of American soldiers in Germany—by covertly sending “terrorist” radio signals from Tripoli—and as a result Reagan attacked Libya in 1986.

Ari Ben-Menashe, in his book Profits of War: Inside the Secret U.S. - Israeli Arms Network, accuses Lt. Gen. Rafael Eitan, former chief of general staff of the IDF, of orchestrating the Achille Lauro hijacking in order to make the Palestinians out to be blood-thirsty beasts (this worked famously, since Israel’s Palestinian agents, working under a Abu Nidal false flag operation, killed a wheelchair-bound Jew named Leon Klinghoffer, and thus outraging the world and subsequently tossed Palestinian nationalism in Peabody’s “Wayback Machine” and sent it tottering back to the time Neanderthals roamed the earth).

Of course, all of this hardly scratches the surface, as evidenced by the latest espionage scandal centered on AIPAC, and thus Israeli, access to U.S. classified documents. AIPAC is nothing less than sayanim (as Ostrovsky might call them), or Israeli collaborators, an integral part of Mossad operations worldwide. As is now apparent, the Larry Franklin-AIPAC spy operation was all about Bush’s take on Iran (and Israel’s desire to influence that take, even dictate it). Iran, as we know, and Sharon tells us repeatedly, is the next target on the Straussian neocon-Likudite to-do list.

As Sharon has ranted ad nauseam for years, the Islamic fundies in Iran are working feverishly toward constructing a nuke or two with the explicit purpose in mind of not driving the Jews into the sea, but vaporizing them entirely. Naturally, this is the most obnoxious racism, but then racism against Arabs, Persians, and especially Palestinians is what present-day Zionism is all about. Greater Israel and a Second Crusade—not only in the name of the Israeli Zionists, but the seriously deluded Christian Zionists who are waiting on pins and needles for the Rapture—is so important that it has managed to capture the White House, large swaths of the Pentagon, and U.S. foreign policy wholesale.

But then I’m a loathsome miscreant for pointing all of this out. I mean, obviously, I must be smoking crack while I secretly read tomes dwelling on dark conspiracy theories about Rothschild, the Illuminati, and the Free Masons.

As Fox, the New York Times, and practically every member of Congress down to nearly the last man and woman know, Israel is our friend and we share a “special relationship.” It’s those damn Ay-rabs we have to watch out for, not Ariel Sharon and the deranged settlers who, according to B’Tselem, control more than 40 percent of the West Bank.

So special is this relationship between “friends” that in 1967 Israel attacked a U.S. ship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 American servicemen and injuring 174 others.

So special are the Israelis they are allowed to walk into the Pentagon and do whatever they want, no questions asked, as former Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski has pointed out in an exposť on Douglas Feith and the neocons.

So special is the tiny outlaw state—in violation of numerous United Nations resolutions simultaneously, which is quite remarkable—that they receive $3.5 billion a year from the beleaguered American taxpayer. (Actually, according to William D. Hartung of the World Policy Institute, the amount given to Israel is much higher, more like $10 billion.)

Finally, let’s not restrict this to the Israelis. After all, as James Bamford’s Operation Northwoods revelations demonstrate, governments will enthusiastically murder their own citizens if it pays off politically (under the plan, nixed by McNamara during the Kennedy administration, the Joint Chiefs were itching to launch a series of terrorist attacks in the United States and place the blame on Castro, thus setting the stage for an invasion of Cuba).

Is there any reason the Israelis would do things differently?


As it now stands, the possibility of war in the Middle East is the most important issue facing America. The Israeli Likudites and the Straussian neocon double-dealers in the White House and the Pentagon are pushing for back-to-back wars (more accurately, invasions) against Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and ultimately Saudi Arabia. Israel realizes it cannot wage these invasions on its own, so it has worked to maneuver the United States into a position to do the fighting and dying. America will gain nothing from this—except more terrorism, dead sons and daughters, and lost treasure. If the Sharon Likudites have their way, the ultimate animosity—not only on the part of Arabs and Iranians, but on the part of most of the world community—will be horrendous.

It’s important to discuss these things—even for a crazy person like me.


Kurt Nimmo is a photographer and multimedia developer in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He is the author of Another Day in the Empire: Life in Neoconservative America, a collection of essays published by Dandelion Books. Visit his weblog at KurtNimmo.com.

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