What is Living Worth?
Jim Kirwan

What is Living Worth?

Sun Sep 12, 2004 14:37

What is Living Worth?

Finally the shroud is lifting from the events of three years ago. We know now that the attacks were being directed by Vice-President Cheney, and with his kind of insider assistance, it is no wonder they not only succeeded but were allowed to continue for 106 minutes, uninterrupted.

It was Cheney all along. Bush just did what history will recall was, his miserable performance as the imposter, posing as commander-in-chief, who ran away in the face of the 9-11 attack. Cheney made the major policy decisions; the secret no-bid contracts were overseen by Cheney, as was the overview and implementation of the Bush Doctrine. Now Cheney is demanding that we vote to keep him and his little band of Pirates in office to complete their gutting of what was once our country.

In maritime law when a ship is attacked the Captain is expected to go down with his ship. The anniversary of this day, exactly three years ago, marks the first major attack upon this nation that was overseen by those who are supposed to be in charge of protecting us.

They not only failed, they compounded that failure by stripping us of our rights and our protections from them, through the HOMELAND insecurity act, and it’s evil twin seeds: The USA PATRIOT Acts both one and two.

When the world embraced our 9-11 losses and offered to help in any way they could, the Pirates closed ranks, spit upon their offer, and proceeded to lash out without proof or consideration for any other people, and in that bargain began to trash the community of nations and the international laws of civil behavior: With their new policy of pre-emptive war. For the fine print in their justification they took several pages from the evil days of the Crusades, and sought to blame an entire religion and a number of other nations for something they had devised and committed to further their own private political agendas.

Now those same people, who failed so completely, to honor their oaths of office or to protect anyone, are demanding to be kept on in the future. These are the people who did this evil deed to all of us, and now they maintain that they are the only ones that should be trusted, yet again, “to save us” from all future attacks.

If this country were a corporation or a business, whoever had been in charge on that day would have been terminated immediately. If this were a partnership, of any kind, then everyone connected with this colossal breakdown of our system would be gone. But this is a country, and it is up to the people of this country to decide who goes and who gets another chance to kill us all.

There is a leftover from the last century that argues for rallying round the commander-in-chief, whenever this country is attacked. But, we have never before had an imposter for a president, being used as a marionette by the vice-president and his pals, before. Nor have we seen the kind of outrageous attacks upon the basic principles of the nation before; including the destruction of the Bill of Rights, and the creation of a national paranoia that will finally kill whatever remains of civil society; if this fear is allowed to remain as our basis for being called a nation.

Before the Bandits took office there was still the need for some consensus in government, before laws were passed—despite the near total polarization in the congress. Now with executive fiats being handed out like candy on Halloween, congress does almost nothing at all, except to insure that our national priorities serve the needs of Israel first, and the USA comes in second if at all.

After the courts capitulated when they appointed this motley crew to office—they continue only as an echo of presidential edicts, and are no longer relevant, to the task they were created to perform (protecting the constitution and the people from all enemies both foreign and domestic). This too is part of what the Pirates are asking the public to underwrite, when and if they have a chance to vote. Does any of the above sound like it could ever happen here, much less have become the facts in evidence at this moment in time?

These are the same bunch that has tried to destroy this nation and its people: And now they want another chance to finish what they’ve started? By any measure this entire administration has been a complete and utter failure. Even with the things they stole the rights to do, and with all the things they appointed themselves to accomplish, beyond all the existing laws—especially in this regard—they have now made an international mess into a nightmare that threatens to destroy the world. They now demand that they be allowed to continue—maybe that’s because if they were not in office, they’d be awaiting trial on many counts?

Common sense demands that there be a public accounting for all that’s happened on their watch. Yet they remain steadfastly in denial, on every crucial point where responsibility has been an issue.

“Pentagon investigations in recent months have said there have been about 300 allegations of prisoners killed, raped, beaten, and subjected to other mistreatment at military prisons in Iraq. Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay since the start of the war on terror.”

Actually, nine-tenths of those that were held have been released, because they were guilty of nothing, yet the facts concerning all of this have still not been investigated. And the pentagon, the White House, and the people in both have not been charged with these crimes of magnitude, against thousands of innocent men women and children. All that the Pirates have accomplished is to insure that we now have hundreds of thousands more of the kinds of people that will never forget how they were treated. The dead will guarantee this, and the living will enshrine that hatred for decades.

Just today, Rumsfeld is denying the severity of prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib, because he says that this was nothing compared to the publicly shown beheadings on television; as though our behavior should not be investigated because others have done some things that are so much worse. Wrong! First of all, the “beheadings” began with a video that appeared not to be who the government was accusing. After two days of intense global criticism, the government’s version of that event was dropped. The “beheadings” have continued with less and less criticism of the tapes.

Another little known fact has to do with why we have devoted so much energy to HOMELAND security. This has nothing to do with 911, which is why we have allowed the lay-offs of so many first-responders, in this our supposed time of greatest need. These new “security types” have a completely different purpose than the one we tend to think they are attending to. It is their job to protect the Narco dollars that are propping up this economy. http://www.narconews.com/narcodollars1.html

This administration has committed so many crimes and has attempted so much theft, using so much corruption and duplicity, that this has to be some kind of world record for tyranny and fraud on a universal scale. Still: The people who continue to do these kinds of things are demanding that we retain them as leaders—of this country? If the public takes complete leave of all their senses, and this happens, then the future that they have planned for us will be deserved.

This is the third anniversary of September the eleventh, two thousand and one. Can we not find a way to honor our dead that takes into account the people who actually did this crime? Can we not now, stop sending more of our people into war zones where they will be killed in ever-greater numbers—just to cover-up the failures of this administration?

There are several points that we keep missing http://www.rense.com/general57/dmer.htm

Can we now finally begin the process of gathering the facts and charging the criminals that did this deed—instead of continuing the slaughter of people around the world, in our make-believe wars against “evil?”

Assuming that we survive this criminal assault upon our way of life: What shall people tell their children about why we did not act? History will have way too much to say—but the most important answers always come from individuals, from those of us who are here now, and living the lie that is the United States of America today.

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