Homemade weapons of warfare.

Homemade weapons of warfare.
Sun Sep 12, 2004 14:40

Take a 2x4 and cut it to a length of 4". Center and bore a 7/8" diam. hole 1 1/4" in depth,this is the base block.Set this block aside for now.Take either another 2x4 block and cut to the same dimensions or use a smaller 1 1/2 x 2" of a hard wood as these are pressure triggers.Bore a 7/8" hole dead center in this block 3/4" deep.Drill 2 or more small holes 1/8" in diam. and 1"deep and from 1" to 2" apart on the hole side of both blocks the 7/8"holes have to line up "perfectly",this in very impotent. In the dead center of the base block 7/8" hole,drill a small hole for a roofing nail. Take a roofing nail and on the top of the head,dead center,superglue a BB.Let dry until secure,then add super glue to the underside of the nail head and push into the small hole at the bottom of the base block.Cut the heads of 2 16p nails so that the nail are pointed on one end and 2" in length. Drive the pointed ends into the 2 (or more)small holes in the base block so they stick out of the base block 1 inch(these are runners) making sure both 7/8" holes line up "exactly" and that "nail rails" are vertical you then place the other block on these nails (make sure that you only drill these nail holes 1 inch deep on both blocks and "not" all the way through,making sure the trigger block slides up and down freely and "does not bind"! When ready for use against your enemies,you then"very" carefully place a 12 guage shotshell "very very"gently brass & primer first on the BB. You then place the trigger block on the railsso the business end of the shell fits in the large hole.You now have a very lethal sandwich.When weight is placed on the trigger block,it force the shotgun primer down hard on the bb,and kaboom,no foot,leg or life.These can be used as detonators for other more dangerous weapons,gunpowder,Sodium Chlorate,Solidox,gasoline,or napalm. One half beer bottle of gas and 1/2 used crankcase oil mixed wicked shaken,ignited and thrown is a mixture that sticks and burns,and is very hard to control.Styrofoam dissolved in gasoline forms a glue like substance that when glass bottled ,wick ignited and then thrown so it breaks is about the worst weapon you can make,as it doesn`t go out it just sticks to anyone or anything and burns and burns.Small glass juice bottles,with twist tops 1/3 filled with chlorine bleach and then hot wax poured in the bottle to form a plug about an inch thick and allowed to cool.When an emergency arises,take pure clear house hold ammonia pour into the bottle until part way filled and the cap loosely or cap tightly,and shake well before throwing.This gas is lethal and great inside tanks,closed areas or tunnels,spidees etc. Peter Patriot. IP:

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