The latest giant step towards our police state ..
Warren B. Appleton
The latest giant step towards our police state ..
Tue Sep 14, 2004 00:37

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Subject: The latest giant step towards our police state ..
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 20:46:22 -0400
From: Warren B Appleton

Dear Friend;

Things are coming down the pike that we could not even imagine,
let alone believe to be real.

For instance: A new mental health screening program for all
America's school children, teachers and eventually, all adults has been
included in the Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations Act for Fiscal
Year 2005. US Rep. Ron Paul introduced a resolution attempting to remove
the program, but it failed by a vote of 95-315, with 118 Republicans and
all but one Democrat voting in favor of the program called The New
Freedom Initiative, which came out of the New Freedom Commission on
Mental Health which President Bush established in 2002. The pay-off will
be for the drug companies and Social Controllers.
Read more at: of

"The New Freedom" was also the theme of President Wilson's administration
which pursued the ideals of PHILLIP DREW:ADMINISTRATOR , written in 1912
by Wilson's chief advisor, Col. Edward M. House, who wrote of "Socialism
as dreamed of by Carl Marx", to be promoted through the "progressive
education principles" of John Dewey, where individualism was looked upon
as a form of insanity. House was also a prime mover for the League of
Nations, and its successor, the Council On Foreign Relations, which now
dominates every aspect of American life, from the White House down. Yet
most people never been told that it has even existed for the past 83
years, even though it created the UN Charter. It is shadowy elitist,
bipartisan, big business Socialism, and they are close to their goal of
World Government under the UN.

For more on their plans for our Globalist future, see "Mental Health,
Education, and Social Control, by Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. at , dated 9/12/04. A must read.

There is no question that the subversion of all nationhood, including the
USA, is far advanced, possibly, to the point of no turning back,- ever.
The real question is whether under a controlled Media, and a populace
willfully ignorant of realty and mesmerized by "bread and circuses" can
be aroused from their dream world in time to prevent it. If not, does
anyone care? They will then.

What do you think?

Warren B. Appleton September 13, 2004

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Dear friend,

In the last 40 years and more I have been active in politics I can think of perhaps 10 events that literally changed the course of history.

We are witnessing one of these events right now with the crumbling position of Dan Rather and CBS News trying to defend airing before the American public documents viciously attacking President Bush. Documents roundly cricized by just about every document expert available as most likely fakes - forgeries.

When criticized, Rather and CBS News have responded with the same old script from the liberal elite: "trust us, we know best." They refuse to let independent experts examine their evidence - and then they sneer at those raising the questions as part of the "professional rumor mill."

I think we do know best - and it's not to trust CBS News.

The “new media” have been eating away at the foundations of the old elite media for some time. Not long ago we saw the New York Times itself humbled by dedicated bloggers who exposed fabrications in the pages of this once vaunted newspaper. Now we are about to witness the complete collapse of authority of what was only a few year ago, the unassailable liberal fortress at CBS.

But I don’t want to be one of those conservative just sitting on the side lines!

The humiliation of Dan Rather and CBS is fun to watch but it is even more important to take action.

I am encouraging conservatives to visit and sign a petition to CBS affiliates around the country demanding Dan Rather be fired.

Let’s take action today to force CBS to admit to playing fast and loose with the facts. Let’s make sure their reckless political bias and disregard for truth are now laid bare before the American public. The only way to get to network brass is through the affiliates. It won’t take much complaining for local affiliates to force CBS into action against Rather. You need to be part of that pressure!

Please click on  right now and sign the petition and authorize them to send a petition to all CBS affiliates.


Richard Viguerie
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