Re: 9/11 Shocked and awe

Bob Scheidt
Re: 9\11 Shocked and awe
Mon Sep 13, 2004 00:56

The Saudis are a distraction, a decoy, to conceal the "Prime-time" criminals belonging to the Bush cabal. Whether it be Saudis, Afghans or Iraqis playing the supporting roles in the Staged Play ... "War on Terror" the Bush cartel deseves ALL of the Oscar Nominations, along with Sharon and the Mossad for best supporting terrorists.

This instance is the first occurrence of a sitting U.S. President being openly accused of intentionally murdering 3000 of his own citizens. And it's not just me that's doing this, I heard Stanley Hilton, Bob Doles ex-Chief of Staff call Bush a mass murderer and traitor. A recent Zogby Poll has over half of New Yorkers saying they think the Bushwhackers were "COMPLICIT" in 9-11 ... so screw the Saudi allegations because they are playing a secondary role at best !

By the way ... who gives a rats ass if you are published ... block-head !


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