9/11 Shocked and awe

9\11 Shocked and awe
Sun Sep 12, 2004 23:36

While there is much vehemence in your resonse I find you have missed the point of my piece, the criminal Bush is more to blame for the tension around the world, this is true. But to tell me the Saudis have not been fomenting hate while shaking our hands with the West is very naive of you. Ignorance comes in many facets, I am as far from the White hat your insult suggest then any one you have probably ever encountered. Cynical as I would like to be I am published, so I have certain standars I must contain even in my political essays. Besides the only people that will read the hot head name calling cyic; is someone just as cynical. I have spent a bit of time in the Mid East and you are correct in your sociological conclusions, but unfortunatly they [your words] are as we say, not ready for prime time. Ugly and stupid we may be but insults get you no where. Politics require tact and attack. RWBarker

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