Shocked and Awed 9-11 time

Bob Scheidt
Shocked and Awed 9-11 time
Sun Sep 12, 2004 23:15

Mr. Barker, I appreciate your quest for truth and I think a good place to start might be within your own message.

You said: Every day in every Mosque they taught those people hatred until Israel and America were seen as the ultimate Infidels.

I say Israel and America have been holding the hate classes. Israel and America have been killing innocent civilians for decades in the middle east. Israel and America have made life unbearable for arabs for 60 or 70 years now. Israel and America have butchered the people and have allowed favored corporations to fleece the arab world unmercifully.

No one wants to answer the "WHY" they hate us question. Well let me give a clue. They hate our degenerate lifestyles for sure, but that isn't even why. They hate our arrogant approach to the world, but that isn't why either. They hate the way America has been the Israelis enforcer in Palestine, but again that isn't why.

We have been starving and killing their children ... THAT's Why !!! Take that white cowboy hat off of your block-head and think about the history of America's Imperialistic approach to diplomacy. Quit pretending that assholes like George Bush or Bill Clinton could give a good shit about anyone besides themselves and their handlers. They are inhuman, murdering, self-centered bureaucratic shit-eating bottom-feeding filth, that will do anything the Zionazis they work for tell them to do.

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