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peak oil: the all time maximum rate of extraction of petroleum, as charted on a curve. All oil fields have a roughly bell curve shaped rate of production -- the initial extraction is of oil that is under pressure and is easiest to extract, but once half of the oil is removed, retrieving the remaining supplies becomes much more difficult. The only debate among petroleum geologists about the precise timing of the global peak of petroleum production is exactly when it will occur, and how fast extract rates will decline -- the reality of peak oil is not seriously disputed by experts in the field. Most of the debate is between geologists who think we are currently near, or at, the global peak, and those who think it is later in this decade or slightly into the next decade (the official US Geological Survey position is that the global peak is still about three decades away, still in most of our lifetimes but close enough to be an immediate crisis). The peak of oil discoveries worldwide was four decades ago, around 1962. The peak of oil discoveries in the United States was in the 1930s, about four decades before the peak of production in 1970. Much of the theoretical basis for analyzing peak oil was performed by the geologist M. King Hubbert in the mid-1950s, who accurately predicted the US would peak around 1970 and that the global peak would come around 2000. President Bush and Vice President Cheney are privately very aware of peak oil, and it is likely that 9/11 was allowed to happen (if not arranged) to provide the pretext to invade the Middle East oil fields as the world reaches peak production, since control of the world's remaining supplies will determine who will control the global economy in the coming decades.

Pearl Harbor: the Hawaiian harbor attacked by the Japanese Navy's air force on December 7, 1941. Declassified documents prove beyond any doubt that President Roosevelt knew that the Japanese were about to attack, yet deliberately kept the information from the Army and Navy commanders in Hawaii (the latter were kept out of the loop of the information generated by military decryption of the Japanese "purple code"). FDR allowed the Pearl Harbor attack in order to galvanize a divided nation to support world war.

Pet Goat: the story that George Walker Bush was reading to the second grade classroom at Booker Elementary in Sarasota, Florida on the morning of 9/11 while planes were crashing into the World Trade Center. Bush continued to read this book even after being told the nation was under attack. Even more damning is the fact that the Secret Service did not remove the President from a location that had been widely publicized on television. If the claim that 9/11 was a surprise attack was really true, then the Secret Service completely failed to follow normal protocols to protect the President. However, if the White House knew the specifics of the attack before it happened, then the Secret Service's apparent failure to remove Bush from the school was actually justified, since they would have known the President was not in any danger. Journalist Michael Ruppert claims in his upcoming book "Crossing the Rubicon" that Cheney wanted Bush to stay in the school so that he could not interfere with Cheney's management of the 9/11 wargames that ensured the success of the attacks.

physical evidence: a mantra of some in the 9/11 truth movement who promote some of the wilder theories about what actually happened on 9/11. Some of the claims about "physical evidence" have a lot of corroboration, particularly the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (the videos of its symmetrical collapse at 5:20 pm on 9/11 strongly suggest controlled demolition), the fact that the Pentagon was hit in the nearly empty, recently reconstructed and strengthened sector (which minimized casualties and damage to the compound, strongly suggesting remote control type technology used to guide the plane to the target), and the eight mile long trail of debris from Flight 93 (which strongly suggests it was shot down by the US Air Force). Some of the "physical evidence" claims, however, are extremely speculative, based on blurry photos or are slick disinformation that cannot be independently verified (the "pod plane" claim is perhaps the most notorious of these). While physical evidence can trump eyewitness reports, some "physical evidence" claims are not credible.

pipelines and poppies: the primary motivations for the invasion of Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. Western oil companies such as UNOCAL seek to build pipelines across Afghanistan to markets in Pakistan, India and to terminals on the Indian Ocean for the oil and natural gas in former Soviet Central Asia republics such as Kazakhstan. The Taliban dictatorship also declared growing opium poppies un-Islamic shortly before 9//11, and the suppression of the opium production had removed huge amounts of drug profits from the global financial system (perhaps a few hundred billion dollars). Now that the Taliban have been deposed, the pipeline projects are underway, and opium production is at record levels.

pod: a few fringe 9/11 websites claim that the second plane to strike the World Trade Center had an anomalous "pod" underneath the wing that proves that it was not Flight 175, and therefore the planes were switched in mid-air, and therefore 9/11 was completely an "inside job." These "pod people" websites offer a variety of theories to explain what this "pod" supposedly was: a structure that fired a missile at the towers a split second before impact (even though the alleged video of this missile does not resemble in any way actual missiles fired from fighter planes), a container of napalm (as if the large fuel load in the plane's tanks were not enough to make a fireball), or the remote control transmitter system (which, if used, would have been on the inside of the plane, wired into the plane's electronic control systems). In reality, the "pod" is merely a carefully selected photo of the underside of the plane that shows the oval shaped connector between the wing and the fuselage. Promotion of the "pod" disinformation has intensified as the 9/11 truth movement has become more politically successful at persuading a growing percentage of the population that 9/11 was not a surprise attack.

Project for a New American Century (PNAC): a "neo-conservative" think tank that includes many of the senior members of the Bush regime. The PNAC's September 2000 report "Rebuilding America's Defenses" suggested that "The process of [military] transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor."

put options: a stock trade that bets that the value of a company's shares will decrease. The week before 9/11, insiders on Wall Street made anomalous bets that the values of United and American Airlines would drop precipitously in the coming days, and also bet against the values of companies that had a large presence in the towers. The "put options" story was covered by the world's financial press in the weeks after 9/11, with many speculations that Osama had made the sickest stock trade in history. After Michael Ruppert's "From the Wilderness" tied some of the stock trades to a firm formerly headed by the Executive Director of the CIA (the number three position), there was virtualy no more coverage of the stock trade issue in the media. The 9/11 Commission report dismissed discussion of the put options by noting that the firms that made the bets had no conceivable links to al-Qaeda, and therefore could not have had foreknowledge of 9/11.

psyop (psychological operation): a military term for propaganda intended to shift public consciousness. 9/11 was essentially a "shock and awe" psyop against the American public (and the global audience).

red alert: the highest level of alert under the new "Homeland Security" advisory system. Since being introduced, the color coded alert system has always been on either Yellow or Orange, oscilating back and forth in almost complete alignment with political requirements of the Bush administration (the color code has shifted from Yellow to the more severe Orange at times when Bush's poll numbers have been dropping). Several senior governmental spokespeople have stated that "red alert" would essentially shut down normal operation of the country, it would be a form of martial law administered by the two most important government entities created by the Bush regime: the Department of Homeland Security and the US military's Northern Command (NORTHCOM).

Reichstag Fire: the burning of the Reichstag, the German Parliament building, on February 27, 1933. The Reichstag Fire was blamed by the Nazis on a lone arsonist, who was a Dutch Communist, who was supposedly the vanguard of an effort to foment a Communist revolution in Germany. Hitler used the excuse of the Reichstag Fire as the pretext to pass the "Enabling Act," which temporarily suspended civil liberties in Germany to deal with the terrorist threat. This temporary abrogation of freedom, which is how Hitler became absolute dictator, lasted 12 years, until Germany lay in ruins.

remote control:

RFID chip: radio-frequency identification, a new technique for massive tracking of nearly everything on Earth. An RFID chip is about the size of a grain of rice, and contains a small transmitter that emits an 18 digit identification number when a particular wavelength of radio energy is aimed at it (it is a totally passive system, no battery or other internal power source is needed). RFID chips are sought by large grocery stores to replace bar codes, which would enable tracking of individual objects to a much greater degree of precision (RFID chips would keep track of each individual bottle of shampoo, bar codes merely identify that shampoo bottle as a particular brand). RFID chips are planned for credit cards, paper currency, drivers licenses, car tires, grocery store products, and are even being implanted under the skin of people in experimental trial runs. A global surveillance society based on RFID chips would be far more intrusive than any previous dictatorships, far outstripping the police states of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia or Apartheid South Africa.

Saudi Arabia: the country with the world's largest oil reserves (about one-fourth of known recoverable petroleum). The official story of 9/11 claims that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nations (along with Osama bin Laden), but this claim has never been independently verified, and several news accounts (including the BBC) claim that several of these people were really victims of identity theft. The full truth of the hijacker identifications remains unproven. Regardless of whether these hijackers really were Saudi citizens or not, the core issue of why the Air Force chose not to defend the Pentagon against attack has nothing to do with Saudi complicity with al-Qaeda or suicidal terrorists seeking to attack America. Some of the neo-conservatives who aggressively promoted the invasion of Iraq advocate the partition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to separate the oil rich areas along the Persian Gulf from the bulk of the Saudi population. If Saudi Arabia was split, this would allow the US to control the oil fields in a way that would not require US military troops occupying the holy cities of Mecca and Medina (on the western side of the country, far from the oil).

Skull and Bones secret society: an occult organization at Yale University that "taps" 15 people a year to become part of what is possibly the most exclusive organization in the country. Since 1832, about 800 people have been inducted, including many political leaders, business elites, intelligence operatives, and others at very senior positions in the nation's establishment. Some of these members include George Walker Bush (president 2001-2005), John Forbes Kerry (Senator and probable president), George Herbert Walker Bush (president 1989 - 1993), Prescott Bush (senator, grandfather of George W. Bush), and John Heinz, Senior (father of Teresa Heinz Kerry's first husband).

snuff film: a movie that shows graphic actual violence (not simulated), even murder. The 9/11 operation was essentially a "snuff film" with the television viewers as the global audience.

stand down: a military term referring to a deliberate scaling back of military forces. Many skeptics of the official story of 9/11 assume that "stand down" orders were issued to ensure that the Air Force protection of New York and Washington were turned off. However, it is more likely that the confusion of the "war games" at the military and intelligence services was the real reason that the hijacked planes were not intercepted before striking the towers and the Pentagon (especially the latter).

Total Information Awareness: a Pentagon agency set up after 9/11 to consolidate countless databases and intelligence information systems. TIA was a division of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the military department that created the internet (long before it became a popular tool for public use). TIA was chaired by Admiral John Poindexter, one of the primary perpetrators of the Iran-Contra scandal (he was President Reagan's National Security Advisor). TIA was disbanded after it received extremely harsh criticism from civil liberties groups, but the functions of TIA have merely been dispersed to other departments, private contractors and several State agencies. TIA's logo was of the Masonic "all seeing eye" on the top of a pyramid looking at the planet, focused especially on the Middle East. It is likely that this logo was calculated to infuriate conspiracy minded people upset at the creation of this "Totalitarian Information Awareness" office.

treason: betraying one's country, whether in peacetime or during a war. Allowing (or hiring) a group of terrorists to attack the largest buildings in the nation's largest city and the military's headquarters was an act of treason.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission: the effort in post-Apartheid South Africa that exposed many of the truths about horrible crimes committed during the Apartheid era. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission offered perpetrators of politically motivated atrocities the opportunity for immunity from prosecution if they went public with the full details of their crimes (whether committed in defense of the Apartheid state or by the "liberation" forces). Some of the victim relatives were very upset about this deal, but the Commission's work resulted in the bulk of the population, especially the white minority, becoming aware of many of the evil acts done to prop up the Apartheid regime -- and probably helped avert civil war and retribution violence after the establishment of democracy. The South African example was very different than the amnesties offered perpetrators in other dictatorships (such as Argentina), where human rights abusers in the government were merely rendered immune from justice without any requirement for disclosing of their crimes. Representative Dennis Kucinich stated during his Presidential campaign that we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to get at the full truth of September 11, not necessarily to prosecute all of the officials involved (which would not bring justice for the victims or undo the psychological shock that everyone had), but to expose it to prevent it from happening again and to encourage social and psychological evolution beyond the destructive fear paradigm.

USA PATRIOT Act: the legislation passed by a panicked Congress about a month after 9/11 that radically changed basic civil liberties protections under the pretext that we need to be defended from terrorists. During the very short debate on the Patriot Act, the Democratic leadership began to question some of the provisions -- and that is when anthrax letters were mailed to the Senate, disrupting its operations. Nothing in the Patriot Act addresses the real problems with preventing 9/11 -- the suppression of FBI investigations of the hijackers, the failures of the Air Force to properly respond to the attac

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