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Fahrenheit 9/11: the movie by Michael Moore which was the first time that the actual footage of George W. Bush reading "My Pet Goat" to second graders while the towers burned was shown to a large audience, more than two years after it aired in "The Great Deception" by Vision TV of Toronto, Canada. F/911 was sold out from coast to coast because millions are hungry for alternative information about the crises of fascism, oil wars and the fear paradigm that seeks to smother democracy and liberty. Moore's movie implied the Saudis were at fault, and that Bush was blind to their treachery due to a divided loyalty caused by oil wealth given to his family. Unfortunately, F/911 did not discuss the primary questions of 9/11 -- who had the power to turn off the Air Force protection of New York and Washington (especially the latter), and who had the power to simultaneously schedule military and intelligence war games that day which confused the official response to the off-course jets?

false flag operation: an "intelligence" term for a covert operation where agents provocateurs stage acts that are falsely blamed on their enemies. False flag operations can include fake radicals acting violent at a peaceful protest to discredit the organizers, a terror attack staged by an intelligence agency to blame on the nation's perceived or actual enemies, or fake dissidents who discredit government opponents by making illogical or easily disproved claims for their assertions of conspiracy and corruption.

Federal Aviation Administration: the FAA is the civilian agency that is in charge of air traffic control for all commercial flights in the United States. The official 9/11 Commission report seeks to blame incompetence at the FAA for the failure of the military to properly respond to the hijacked airplanes (the FAA is a much less powerful bureaucracy than the Air Force). In short, the official story is that the FAA was too incompetent to properly alert the Air Force that four planes were off course, yet was competent enough to safely land more than four thousand four hundred planes at airports that were not expecting them and on timetables that had to be immediately improvised during the crisis. The order to get all commercial planes to immediately land at the nearest airports (in order to better find all hijacked jets) was perhaps the most complex and amazing feat of air traffic control in the history of aviation -- the FAA was not incompetent on 9/11.

The Great Deception: This film, aired in January and February 2002, was the first televised documentary challenging the official story of 9/11. It was produced by Vision TV of Toronto, Canada, a non-profit, multicultural network. The Great Deception was the first film to show the notorious footage of George W. Bush reading to second graders while the twin towers burned, footage later shown in Fahrenheit 9/11.

Homeland Security, Department of: A behemoth federal conglomeration of nearly two dozen agencies including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Customs, Border patrol, and the Secret Service. The term "Homeland Security" dates to the latter part of the Clinton administration. The primary pretext used to enable creation of the DHS is the false claim that the various federal police and intelligence services were unable to properly communicate with each other before 9/11, and therefore consolidating many of these functions into a new, super surveillance agency will be able to prevent a repeat of the attacks. However, whistleblowers at the FBI have alleged that their investigations of the hijackers suffered from suppression by their bosses, not any alleged communication failures with their colleagues in other federal departments.

John O'Neill: the primary FBI official in charge of investigating al-Qaeda during the latter part of the Clinton administration, he was pressured to resign from the agency in 2001 (after Bush stole the election but before 9/11). He was given the new job of director of security for the World Trade Center immediately before 9/11, and was killed on the job when the towers collapsed. If he had lived, it is likely that his dissident voice would have been extremely prominent in the days after the attacks. The book "The Forbidden Truth," published about two months after 9/11, was essentially his last testiment, containing many of his allegations of Saudi complicity in the funding of al-Qaeda and the Bush administration's interference with his investigations. Forbidden Truth also conclusively showed that the US government had threatened to invade Afghanistan before 9/11, discussing the July 2001 meeting between US government and Taliban representatives, where the latter were offered a choice between "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs" depending on their attitude toward the proposed trans-Afghan gas and oil pipelines from central Asia.

impeachment: a procedure in the Constitution for removing Presidents (and other officials) from elected office. Impeachment of a President requires that they be found guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors" by the Congress, and that the Congress then votes to remove the President from office. No President has been removed from office via impeachment. Andrew Jackson was nearly impeached in 1866, but survived by a single vote. President Nixon resigned in 1974 after the House Judiciary Committee recommended that the Congress impeach him for the Watergate scandals, and it was clear that the full Congress would vote to impeach him and remove him from office (although they did not vote for an Impeachment resolution regarding the illegal bombing of Cambodia, a much worse crime than burglary and obstruction of justice). President Clinton was impeached for his lying about Monica Lewinsky, but the Senate declined to remove him from office. In 1987, Representative Henry Gonzalez (D-Texas) introduced a resolution of impeachment against President Reagan for the Iran-Contra scandal, but no other Representative or Senator co-sponsored it. In 1991, Rep. Gonzalez introduced another impeachment resolution against President Bush (the First) for deploying a half million troops to Saudi Arabia without a Congressional declaration of war (as required by the Constitution), but again, no member of Congress co-sponsored that effort. While there has been a lot of discussion about the numerous violations of the Constitution by President Bush (the Second), no one in Congress has dared to introduce an Impeachment resolution.

intelligence failure:

Kean commission:

Koran in the van: the practice of intelligence services of finding smoking guns allegedly pointing to Islamic extremist involvement in terrorist crimes, such as the "Koran in a van" supposedly found near the train station in Madrid, Spain (March 2004) or the Koran (and Arabic language Boeing instruction manual) supposedly found in a rental car at Logan Airport in Boston that was allegedly used by the 9/11 hijackers. (The Arabic language flight manual suggests that the hijackers were hoping to finish their flight lessons on the way to the airport, or perhaps while onboard the plane, which is not believable.) This unverifiable evidence is reminiscent of similar planted material used to claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was the "lone gunman" in Dallas on November 22, 1963, even though it would have been physically impossible for him to have shot Kennedy.

left gatekeepers: a term used to describe many in the liberal "alternative" media who accurately describe the many crimes of the Bush administration but refuse to touch even the mildest evidence for official foreknowledge of 9/11.


let's roll!: the rallying cry attributed to the passengers on Flight 93 (the fourth and final plane) who supposedly attacked the hijackers, and sacrificed their lives to prevent a worse tragedy in Washington DC. However, there is overwhelming evidence that Flight 93 was actually shot down, including the eight mile long debris field and eyewitness reports from people on the ground. There are several theories on why this plane was shot down:

the military took that long to get their fighter planes ready, and Flight 93 was the first plane they were able to stop. This theory does not adequately explain why the military was not able to prevent Flight 77 from hitting the Pentagon, since 77 was at the Ohio / West Virginia border at 9:03 am, when the second tower was hit (and the entire air defense system knew that an attack was underway).
the passengers were about to regain control of the plane, and one passenger was a pilot who might have been able to safely land the plane, something the official conspirators could not allow, since this would have resulted in live hijackers who would have been interrogated,
the story of the heroic passengers was always an intentional part of the psychological manipulation of the 9/11 plot. Once the Pentagon had been hit, there was no need for Flight 93, since the goals of the attack had already been met. The "let's roll" story was a "Wag the Dog" propaganda that was a part of the overall psychological operation (psyop).
The hijackers were planning to go to three mile island (this has been floated in a few places, although it is not be backed by actual evidence), which would have been an unmanageable disaster.
LIHOP: Let it happen on purpose, the paradigm that 9/11 was known in advance and deliberately allowed to happen (but not actually organized by the Bush administration)

limited hang out: a tactic to fess up to a small crime so that the full crime can remain safely hidden. The most effective limited hang outs persuade political opponents of the perpetrators that the full truth has been exposed, and that the remedies required to cope with the scandal are actually the plans of the perpetrators. The 9/11 limited hang outs - that it was a surprise attack caused by massive intelligence failures, including the supposed inability of different agencies to properly communicate with each other - have resulted in the spectacle of Bush administration opponents endorsing proposals to increase the budgets for the "Homeland Security" police state.

Lone Gunmen: a TV show aired on Fox TV in March 2001 that contained numerous likely elements of the 9/11 conspiracy. The Lone Gunmen was a sequel to the X-Files, and centered on a group of computer hackers who expose government and corporate crimes. The climax of the show involved the heroes stopping a small government faction from using the cover of a war game to hijack a commercial jet via remote control technology to crash it into the World Trade Center in order to boost military spending. Much of the show was abyssmally bad, and the acting was atrocious -- but the key part of the show about this 9/11 parallel is suspciously close to the actual events that it is likely that the truth of 9/11 was deliberately planted in the middle of this terrible TV show in order to discredit the concept (wargames, remote control, WTC) as bad science fiction.

magic passport: Shortly after 9/11, the government announced that they had found one of the passports of a hijacker on the streets of lower Manhattan. This paper passport had supposedly passed unscathed through the giant fireballs, although the plane's nearly indestructable "black box" was not officially found. Many commentators have called this the "magic passport," in honor of the "magic bullet theory" promoted by the Warren Commission in 1964 (the claim that a single bullet hit both President Kennedy and Governor Connolly, making multiple wounds that would have been physically impossible to have been one bullet, yet this theory was used to justify the false claim that a lone gunman had been the shooter in Dallas, since acknowledging additional bullets would have required admitting that multiple shooters were firing simultaneously). This sort of planted evidence (the magic passport) is reminiscent of similar material used to create a fake trail of evidence that falsely implicated Lee Harvey Oswald as a crazed loner motivated by Communism.

MIHOP: Made it happen on purpose, the paradigm that 9/11 was completely an "inside job" organized by the Bush administration

misinformation: erroneous material, not necessarily intentional.

National Reconnaissance Office: the NRO is a military intelligence agency that runs America's spy satellite systems. On 9/11, the NRO was conducting an emergency operations exercise simulating a plane crashing into its headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia (four miles from Dulles Airport). This exercise resulted in the evacuation of most employees just as the actual events of 9/11 began to unfold, which meant that fewer analysts were available to track the hijacked planes.

NORAD: North American Aerospace Defense Command, the joint US / Canada military agency in charge of defending air space over New York and Washington on 9/11. NORAD's standard operating procedures state that fighter planes must be intercepted whenever commerical planes wander off course and lose radio contact (especially over the northeastern US, the most congested air space on the planet). These policies were not followed on 9/11, not even after the second tower was hit (9:03 am) and with a hijacked plane hurtling toward Washington.

NORTHCOM: the Northern Command is the domestic "homeland security" division of the military established in October 2002. NORTHCOM is commanded by General Ralph Eberhart, who commanded NORAD on 9/11 and was ultimately responsible for the Air Force's failed defense of New York and Washington. This command also seeks control over Mexico and Canada, although those countries have not granted permission to NORTHCOM to control their territories (and their natural resources). With the establishment of NORTHCOM, the US military has now assigned a "unified command" (fusing the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines) to every place on the planet. If the Homeland Security alert system goes to "Code Red," NORTHCOM would essentially be in charge of carrying out the road blocks, detentions without trial, media censorship and other aspects of full scale martial law.

Operation Northwoods: a 1962 proposal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the Pentagon's highest military leadership) to stage fake terror attacks in the United States to create the pretext to invade Cuba and topple the regime of Fidel Castro. Northwoods was vetoed by President Kennedy, and was never implemented. The documents describing this plan were declassified in May 2001 in James Bamford's book "Body of Secrets," his second book about the ultrasecret National Security Agency (NSA).

Pakistan: a close ally of the United States, Pakistan was one of the primary sponsors of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan (the other was Saudi Arabia). On 9/11, General Mahmoud Ahmad, the head of Pakistan's "Inter-Services Intelligence" (ISI - their equivalent to the CIA) was meeting with Representative Porter Goss (R-Florida) and Senator Bob Graham (D-Florida), the chairs of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, at the exact moment that the 9/11 planes hit the buildings. General Ahmad was widely accused of wiring $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, alleged to have been the primary plotter among the 9/11 hijackers, and resigned his post shortly after 9/11. Pakistan is a military dictatorship that has nuclear weapons, has fought several wars with India (which is also now a nuclear power), is fighting a low-level guerrilla proxy war with India in the disputed Kashmir region, and has a substantial domestic Islamic extremist population that would like their country to become a nuclear-armed theocracy. Pakistan is probably the leading candidate for nuclear proliferation among any of the admitted nuclear powers.


peak oil: the all time maximum rate of extraction of petroleum, as charted on a curve. All oil fields have a roughly bell curve shaped rate of production -- the initial extraction is of oil that is under pressure and is easiest to extract, but once half of the oil is removed, retrieving the remaining supplies becomes much more difficult. The only debate among petroleum geologists about the precise timing of the global peak of petroleum production is exac

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