Not every one in the 9/11 movement are false.

Not every one in the 9/11 movement are false.
Mon Sep 13, 2004 09:51

Look at this site and be enlightened. You can never refute all of this information proving conclusively that the government had foreknowledge and are involved in 9/11 at all:


Ten 9-11 Questions Art Bell Refuses to Answer
by Victor Thorn - August 12, 2004
QUESTION ONE – The Pentagon: The government contends that Flight 77 – a Boeing 757 – struck the ground floor of the Pentagon, completely entered the building; then disintegrated due to intense heat from the explosion. Yet photographs of the initial hole in the northwest wall show it to be only 18 feet in diameter. This poses a problem, for a Boeing 757’s wingspan is 124’ 10” across, while it measures 44’ 6” from the ground to the tip of its tail. How could this massive airliner fit through an 18’ hole, especially when the windows on each side of the initial hole, as well as on top of it survived the crash and were unbroken? In addition, the front lawn of the Pentagon was photographed as completely untouched directly following the crash, with no tire marks, scorch marks, ruts, or burn marks. It practically looked like a putting green, yet the plane struck on the GROUND FLOOR. Last but not least, a Boeing 757 weighs 65 tons. The government contends that all the wreckage, including the tempered steel and galvanized aluminum it was made of, was vaporized into thin air; yet the Pentagon’s infrastructure did not vaporize, while some of the deceased Pentagon employees were identified by their fingerprints! So, human flesh doesn’t vaporize, but metal and aluminum do? Please explain.

QUESTION TWO – WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING # 7: Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center complex, admitted during a September 2002 PBS documentary entitled America Rebuilds that he ordered WTC #7 to be destroyed via a controlled demolition late on the afternoon of 9-11. Building 7 was not even struck by an airplane, and only had a miniscule fire inside it which was contained to one floor. When was this building wired for demolition – on the afternoon of 9-11 when pandemonium ensued throughout Manhattan, or beforehand? In addition, who specifically were the people who wired the building, whether on 9-11 or beforehand?

QUESTION THREE – WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS: The government/mainstream media version of events contends that the Twin Towers collapsed due to intense heat created by fire. Yet it takes a temperature of 2795 degrees to melt the type of construction-grade steel used to build the WTC, while jet fuel only burns at a maximum temperature of 1472 degrees. Also, all of the jet fuel that spilled from the airliners burned-up within a matter of 1-2 minutes. Thirdly, never in the history of the world has a steel building collapsed due to fire, including those which burned for infinitely longer periods of time with much more intense flames. Fourthly, the South Tower was struck 17 minutes after the North Tower, had most of the fuel from the jet splash outside the building, and burned at a much slower pace. Yet it fell 30 minutes before the North Tower. How can this highly improbably (not to mention physically impossible) scenario be explained? Lastly, when we bring physics into the equation and put to use a scientific formula to calculate how long it takes a structure to do a resistance-free gravity fall from top to bottom (H= ½at2) , we would find that the WTC towers would drop in approximately nine seconds – which is exactly how long it took both of them to fall. How can this phenomenon be explained, considering all the massive columns, floors, walls, and equipment inside each tower that would provide considerable resistance? Also, just out of curiosity, explain the pool of molten steel that burned seven-stories beneath ground level at both towers for 5-6 weeks after 9-11? Did this also derive from the miniscule amount of jet fuel that that burned out in 1-2 minutes?

QUESTION FOUR – HIJACKERS STILL ALIVE: Five of the 19 men purported to have been suicide hijackers on the morning of 9-11 have been verifiably proven to still be alive and well. FIVE OF THEM. In addition, not one Arab name was found on any of the passenger records for any of the four hijacked airliners on the morning of 9-11. How do we account for these discrepancies?

QUESTION FIVE – LACK OF PILOTING SKILLS: While on the subject of ‘hijackers,’ there is an overwhelming amount of first-hand testimony presented by the flight instructors who gave lessons to the supposed pilots at the schools they attended prior to 9-11. While acting as pilots-in-training, they were unanimously characterized as incompetent, inept, and without the mechanical skills to even operate an automobile, let alone an airplane. These instructors also stated that these men were utterly incapable of performing the highly complex maneuvers utilized on 9-11. How could these men – Afghanistani cave-dwellers – who were nicknamed “Dumb and Dumber,” miraculously be able to execute moves that were only achievable by the upper Top Gun elite of our Air Force?

QUESTION SIX – MILITARY STAND-DOWN: From September, 2000 to June, 2001, the Pentagon launched fighter jets 67 times to intercept wayward planes. In fact, a very rigid set of rules, procedures, and protocol has been in place for years that have to be lawfully followed whenever any type of aircraft strays off its course or is hijacked. Within the past decade, and every day after 9-11, these procedures have been followed to a T, and have not been corrupted or ignored. Yet on the morning of 9-11, on FOUR separate occasions, this system fell apart beyond comprehension. In fact, from the time the FAA discovered that the first plane had been hijacked until the Pentagon was struck - a total of 84 MINUTES had elapsed. On top of that, the Pentagon houses the NMCC (National Military Command Center), and possesses anti-aircraft and missile installations; yet none of these protective devices were activated or used – even after EVERYONE knew that the WTC towers had been attacked. This outrage so far exceeds mere incompetence that author David Ray Griffin wrote, “The attacks could not have succeeded unless some U.S. officials had given stand-down orders for standard operating procedures to be cancelled on that particular day.” How are all of these curious anomalies explained?

QUESTION SEVEN – FLIGHT 93: Wreckage from Flight 93 that was downed in Pennsylvania was strewn over an area stretching for eight miles from the crash site. Is this physically possible from a mere plane wreck, or was this flight shot from the sky, thus leaving a trail of parts (some of the pieces weighing over 1000 pounds) for eight miles?

QUESTION EIGHT – 9/11 WAR GAMES: On the morning of 9-11, the CIAs National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), headed by John Fulton, was performing test exercise ‘war games’ where jet planes were to be flown into buildings. In addition, NORAD was also conducting an exercise called Vigilant Warrior. Why hasn’t the American public been told about these tests, and why has nearly every member of the Bush administration stated that they could have never conceived of airplanes hitting buildings where there have been numerous government studies documenting this very subject (with Donald Rumsfeld being well aware of all of them)? Lastly, if the FAA, NORAD, and NMCC were all ‘confused’ on the morning of 9-11 as to whether these exercises were tests or the real thing, how did the ‘hijackers’ coincidentally know which day to select for their attacks?

QUESTION NINE – 9/11 PRE-KNOWLEDGE: While the subject of pre-knowledge is on the table, when President Bush was whisked-out of the infamous Florida classroom where he read a book about goats, it was revealed that the ‘terrorists’ had obtained top secret codes for the White House and Air Force One. The NSA’s top secret Echelon surveillance system had also been cracked; while the CEO of Israel’s Odigo Instant Messaging service admitted that text messages warning of the 9-11 attacks had been transmitted two hours before the WTC had been struck. Further, the short-selling of stocks relating to insider information for both American and United Airlines can be directly traced back to the CIA’s Buzzy Krongard. Are we to believe that 19 cave-dwellers in Afghanistan had the capabilities to derive this inside information, and why hasn’t the CIA (which uses Echelon and Promis software to monitor such stock trading) revealed who was behind the highly suspect short-selling of stocks?

QUESTION TEN – REMOVAL OF EVIDENCE: Finally, if you want direct evidence, why don’t you question why the government immediately hauled-away all of the physical evidence from the World Trade Center without even a cursory inspection from FEMA, fire inspectors, or the FBI, which is a direct violation of every ethic and law concerning a crime scene? Also, why did the government immediately bring in wrecking balls to destroy the Pentagon’s façade, while at the same time removing every piece of evidence without inspection? In addition, why did they immediately tear up the lawn in front of the Pentagon (which revealed no tire, burn, or scorch marks)? Why did the FBI retrieve every videotape from a variety of gas stations and locales surrounding the Pentagon; then refuse to make them public? Further, why has the Pentagon only released five frames of videotape from the attacks that THEY filmed? Why not the entire film for public scrutiny and review? Likewise, why won’t the FAA make available tape recordings made by air traffic controllers on the morning of 9-11 that contradict the official cover-story?

CONCLUSION: Art, due to the length of these questions, I did not provide any corroborating source material for you to verify these statements. But if you wish, I will immediately provide for you (without delay) the necessary footnotes and resources for you to fact-check each and every detail.

On the morning of June 13, 2004 you made an outrageous, unfounded statement that 9-11 truth-seekers were asinine, reprehensible, horrendous, and didn’t have a shred of proof. The ball is now in your court, Mr. Bell – are you man enough to back-up your words (as I have), or will you continue to hide behind your microphone and shrink from your responsibility as a broadcaster and American to give us the truth? Millions of your listeners and readers are awaiting your response.

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"the real hijackers"

9/11 Dictionary

9/11 Truth Movement: a social justice movement dedicated to seeking the truth about the 9/11 attacks. While there are many views on precisely what constitutes "9/11 truth," and the full story may never be precisely established, the common denominator for nearly every skeptic of the official story is that 9/11 was not a surprise attack.

al-Qaeda: literally "the Base" in Arabic, al-Qaeda is purported to be a global terror organization controlled by Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden. al-Qaeda evolved out of the terror networks set up during the Soviet - Afghan war in the 1980s, with Pakistani assistance and Saudi and US money. Now, it is a way of describing the various Islamic extremist organizations, especially in the parts of the world that hold most of the remaining petroleum reserves.

biometrics: a form of identification that uses biologically unique information for each individual. Biometrics includes the use of fingerprints, DNA samples, retinal scans, and / or facial recognition systems. Biometric identification cards, passports, drivers licenses and other tracking systems are a core part of the global surveillance system that has been accelerated since 9/11.

Building 7: World Trade Center Building 7 was a 47 story steel skyscraper that fell straight down on 9/11 even though it was not hit by a plane or the collapsing towers. It was the location for the New York City's emergency command center (on the 23rd floor), the CIA's New York office and an office of the Securities and Exchange Commission that had numerous files of corporate scandals. Video footage of the WTC 7 collapse strongly shows it was a controlled demolition.

Bush Knew: a slogan widely adopted shortly after 9/11 to suggest that the Bush administration knew the attacks were coming and deliberately them allowed them to occur. It is a shorthand for the administration behind him, whether George W. Bush personally had foreknowledge or not is a distraction from the voluminous evidence that senior political and military officials knew that 9/11 was about to happen.

Carlyle Group: a private investment firm that had both the Bush and Bin Laden families as participants. Carlyle held a business meeting in downtown Washington on 9/11 that included representatives of the Bush and bin Laden clans. After the attacks, immense public scrutiny was focused on this very exclusive organization, and the bin Laden family quietly withdrew their investments. Carlyle is one of the nation's top military contractors, and the "war on terror" has been extremely profitable for them.

concentration camps: This term is most infamously associated with Nazi Germany, yet concentration camp is not necessarily synonymous with mass murder of enemies of the state -- it refers to any systematic form of detention without trial. The most famous US concentration camp is the Guantanamo Bay facility in the US occupied sector of Cuba, but other concentration camps are reported to be operating in several parts of the world (Diego Garcia island in the Indian Ocean, in Afghanistan, Iraq and probably other locations). During the 1987 Iran-Contra hearings, information was revealed by Rep. Jack Brooks, the Miami Herald and other sources that a network of domestic concentration camps had been envisioned by Col. Oliver North, FEMA and others in the event of widespread protest of an unpopular invasion, specifically if the US had invaded Nicaragua (then under the Sandinista government which overthrew the US backed Somoza dynasty dictatorship).

conspiracy theory: a term commonly used to stop discussion about the evidence for official crimes, whether engaged in by corporate leaders, government officials, or a combination of the two. The official story of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory -- it assumes that 19 men conspired to conduct a terrorist attack that somehow managed to outwit the largest military intelligence system in world history. This story is only a theory, since it has never been proved.

Controlled Demolition, Inc.: the contractor that hauled away the debris from the World Trade Center complex (2001) and the Oklahoma City federal building (1995). This corporation is one of the most expert in the world for precision demolition of large buildings, with the goal of having structures fall into their own footprints, thereby minimizing collateral damage to neighboring buildings.

Deception Dollars: an international artistic outreach campaign to promote 9/11 truth. Deception Dollars are a spoof on the US dollar bill, with links to many of the best websites about 9/11. Over 4 1/2 million are in circulation, with seven printings. Despite massive distribution from coast to coast at countless peace rallies and other dissident events since the fall of 2002, no national liberal "alternative" media publication has dared to mention the Deception Dollar campaign.

disinformation: erroneous material intentionally promoted to confuse, distract and otherwise make it more difficult to determine the truth. Some disinformation is amplified by well-meaning persons who unwittingly adopt the material. Deliberate disinformation about 9/11 includes fake evidence to claim that it was genuinely a surprise attack (which has fooled a large segment of the population and nearly all of the media), and fake evidence supposedly proving official complicity but is based on illogical theories that lack any credible evidence (which is being used to discredit the 9/11 truth movement and to distract from the proven-beyond-reasonable-doubt evidence that 9/11 was not a surprise attack).

Fahrenheit 9/11: the movie by Michael Moore which wa

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