Submitted by concerned American citizens
Dr. Andrew D. Tempelman
Submitted by concerned American citizens
Mon Sep 13, 2004 01:18

Submitted by concerned American citizens

Waco Update

The United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire The People vs.William Jefferson Clinton,
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Janet Reno, et alias

A Writ of Complaint by a Class Action

Now comes the people of the United States in a Class Action, and make the following Complaint against fellow citizen William Jefferson Clinton, formerly governor of Arkansas, former president of the United States,
his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the former attorney general of the United States of America, Janet Reno, and others.
The charges we make are:

(1) that William Jefferson Clinton did as the head of his branch of government order and/or approve, but did not avert, the execution of the wrongful deaths of some 90 persons groundlessly slaughtered, massacred,
in Waco Texas in 1993, orders which were carried out by then Attorney General Janet Reno, who was responsible to him, and shares his guilt, and the guilt of all the agents of the senseless slaughter of those
innocent victims. Now that no government operations are any longer possibly jeopardized by this action, immunity for their immoral, inhuman mass murder can no longer be maintained;

(2) that William Jefferson Clinton with his wife Hillary, with other accomplices, wrongfully deprived the United States taxpayers by reparations paid out through the Resolution Trust Corporation, by robbing the Morgan
Guarantee Bank of some $60 million dollars;

(3) that William Jefferson Clinton may be responsibly linked to the wrongful deaths by unlawful execution of some 38 or more persons associated with him formerly in one way or another in his ruthless climb to the presidency of the United States;

(4) that William Jefferson Clinton did violate his Constitutional oath of office in lying before a grand jury (we do not charge him for following his genetic urges), and in setting a vile moral example for all Americans of a
liar at the head of the government (even lying about his lying in his plea bargain with the Section 372 special prosecutor), and in trying to legislate like a dictator by issuing a spate of executive orders and government land grabs in his final days in office which are wholly anti-constitutional and
violative of the separation of powers.

Submitted by concerned American citizens. A jury trial is requested and is protected from Summary Judgment by non-Statutory Abatement.

Dr. Andrew D. Tempelman -
Henry McElroy
Jerry Gutekunst
Bernard Bastian
Joel Sigrist

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