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Back-Woods Bob Scheidt
For The Record !!!
Mon Sep 13, 2004 15:44

Bob Scheidt

For the APFN Record: I am not Jewish, am not a Rabbi or teacher of Judaism. I oppose the absolute fraud that we call the State of Israel as much as I oppose the fraud that we call the "Constitutional" Democratic Republican Government of the U.S., currently under the Administration of Bush and the other NAZIS in his Administration that are for the most part claiming to be JEWS.

Prior Administrations going back to Abraham Lincoln are just as guilty of being NAZIS as Bush is, however they weren't as obvious and our forefathers may have had some cause to trust the vermin stealing their freedom. Our Grand-parents and our parents acquiesced to the wolves in sheep's clothing, accepting the so-called income tax act, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bolshevic Government known as the USSR, and Socialism under Roosevelt and finally the fraud oozing out of WW II known as the State of Israel. Now we are about to do the very same thing.

The following events have one thing in common.The events are: The Bay of Pigs, Operation Northwoods, JFK Murder, RFK Murder, OKC Bombing, WTC Bombing, 9-11 ... the thing they all have in common is George Herbert Walker Bush and COVERT OPS.

Our laziness and inability to see through the Red, White and Blue bullshit we have been fed all of our lives is keeping us from seeing the truth.

From the day that Kennedy was murdered and the complete Government cover-up ensued, we have been living a lie, thinking that we have "free elections", a "Republican form of Government, and that we have "Rights" protected by a Constitution. This is nonsense that is about to become blatantly obvious to even the blindest American, however many of us have been witnessing this steady encroachment most of our lives.

Serious study of the politics and history of the BUSH controlled CIA/Mossad ever since Kennedy's murder can only lead to one conclusion, and that being the fact that there was a coup d etat on 11-22-63. An overthrow of the U.S. Govt. Since that time the complete establishment of the Communist Manifesto has taken place.

The Bush family have been NAZIS from day one. They are Eastern Establishment Bankers not cowboys, They are Skull and Bones satan worshippers, not Christians, they have funneled money to Hitler, have sponsored eugenics and have overthrown democratic governments worldwide, including the United States Government.

I am not selling a book, nor am I attempting to make a name for myself. I am attempting to make it evident to Christian Americans before it's too late that the Bush Cabal are very evil, have nothing but contempt for Christians and intend to bring in the NWO under their god, satan.

Just like EX-Chief of Staff for Bob Dole claims in his class action lawsuit against Bush/Cheney et al., for the events of 9-11, I say the same thing, BUSH PLANNED IT AND EXECUTED IT ... THAT'S RIGHT "BUSH" DID IT !!!

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