Bush is a "FASCIST"

Back-Woods Bob Scheidt
Bush is a "FASCIST"
Mon Sep 13, 2004 11:00

You sir, are exactly right about Hannity and his fascist comrades in Radio Arms. Beck, Limbaugh, Farber, Reagan, all of em are neo-nazi fascists committed to brainwashing the conservative Christian Right or the "moral majority" that Bush is their saviour, while he promotes the federal state invasion of the churches through "faith based welfare" programs, pre-emptive strikes against defenseless nations, executive orders naming an ex-CIA wet ops specialist as an internal KGB/CIA Director, tried to name Henry Kissinger to head up the fraud we named the 9-11 Ommission Commission, he named convicted felon Admiral John Poindexter to DARPA to spy on Americans, he is pushing for a national ID card, he has instituted Homo-Land Defense under Tom Ridge, and now it is surfacing through a class action lawsuit brought by Senator Bob Dole's ex-Chief of Staff, Stanley Hilton, that among other things Bush and the Zionazi cabal in his administration "PLANNED AND EXECUTED" 9-11 ...

Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Reagan, Farber and all of their ilk will be "PROPERLY REWARDED" for their treasonous efforts to dismantle America ... A Once Free Democratic Republic, and are trying to change it to a totalitarian Fascist dictatorship.

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