US Public Water Being Controlled by Swiss Company

US Public Water Being Controlled by Swiss Company
Mon Sep 13, 2004 09:58



US Public Water Being
Controlled By Swiss Company
By Ted Twietmeyer

One of my recent detailed reports published here on was about water control in America via Agenda 21, another UN control trick. I received many positive responses to the article, including details from J.X., a reader in Michigan about what Nestle' is up to in that state using public water sources.
Below are several ideas I emailed back to J.X. as action items, included here below for your consideration and help:
1. Get signatures from those not working at the plant, or in nearby cities and towns to stop it. Create a petition for this and get a 1,000 or more. Think about who is impacted - like sportsman for example. They would sign it in an instant as would anyone who will be negatively influenced by this draining of a natural resource. Do they know HOW the water is being replenished ? By what mechanism ? And at what rate ? I'll bet they cannot prove this either.
2. If you have metered public water where you live, do some numbers. Figure out at the price/gallon, how much water per day they are sucking out of the earth. Then look at what they are paying people that work at the plant and what is returned to the community. Knowing Nestle', a swiss company, you can bet its as little as possible. You'll also find their name on certain cans of soda, too.
3. Demand public hearings about this ASAP before they get a foothold. Contact your legislators. Nestle' is probably doing all this low-profile to avoid attracting the feds. The european corporations are every bit as shifty as american companies, if not more.
4. See if the federal government can intervene (I know that sounds crazy but there are fed employees that love stuff like this.) You may have to do some calling to find out what dept. regulates this. You can effectively use the government against ITSELF.
5. Think about it this way - the water being used is a resource shared by more than one state. THIS MAKES IT A FEDERAL MATTER ! Do you know who can be the biggest pain to people ? The EPA. They regulate all sorts of natural resources. Environmental Protection Agency. File a complaint with them ASAP. Start thinking BIG to get big results.
6. If you can't stop them from doing business, you might be able to force them to put a large part of the proceeds BACK into the community. This could be done using a water tax, based on their daily flow rate. Get creative !
Get a multi-pronged effort going on the points shown above. And BE SURE to get your free publicity - call Derry Brownfield LIVE on national radio M-F (10AM - 11AM CST.) He would dearly love to hear from you and may help, too. Agenda 21 is one of his pet peeves. His website is  and his phone number is 800 259 9231 for the show. They do NOT screen calls. They ask for your first name and state only, and not one question about what you want to talk about. (The Genesis network that runs the broadcast.)
It sounds to me like that they don't have this water right. A similar thing was to take place in Lake Ontario a couple years ago. A canadian company was going to fill TANKERS and ship water to europe. It was quickly found that such actions violate INTERNATIONAL laws. That stopped it cold in its tracks.
J.X. emailed me back, with the following interesting actions taken as shown below -----
Ted, This is the response I received from the VP of Citizens for Water Conservation after sending her your suggestions:
To J.X.
Some good ideas, some of which we've done. Let me fill you in. We've been battling this company in Evart for 4 years. Nestle started in Evart at Spring Hill Camp. The community had petitions, had a public hearing of the Osceola Township Board, and voted in Osceola Township not to allow new water zoning improvements. Even with all this, the Osceola Township Board (Darwin Booher) found ways around it. As for a public hearing for the City; it has to be a citizen which I'm not. I've mentioned it to others, but so far nothing.
We've been in contact with some Federal agencies. Also Burt Stupak has spoken with us on several occasions.
Nestle has great PR. The citizens lap up the few donations Nestles gives to the community. Like the schools and public library.
I guess I sound a little negative. It takes a lot of energy to fit a multi international corporation with unlimited resources. We win one battle and two more pop up. Sometimes I get burned out. It's people like you, with ideas and new energy that keep me going.
Let's start with something everyone can do.BOYCOTT ICE MOUNTAIN BOTTLED WATER.
Put up a link to ( .)
J.X. also wants everyone to know this:
"Michigan water is being sucked away from the springs that feed the rivers and streams that feed Lake Michigan by the international corporation Nestle diverting a half million gallons a day 24/7. You can help the group of citizens who are fighting this privatization of a natural resource by writing your concerns to the governors of the Great Lakes Charter which prohibits diversion of water from the Great Lakes Basin.
Those governors are:
MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm, P.O. Box 30013 Lansing, MI 30013. WI Gov. Jim Doyle,
IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich,
IN Gov. Joseph Kernan,
NY- Pataki,
PA Rendell,
MN Pawlenti,
OH Taft.
You can do a search for the addresses. U.S. mail is preferable over e-mail. Read Aug. 2003 Conscious Choice Vol. 16 #8 which describes in detail about the devastating effects of this water privatization by Nestle. ( /> )
The local people are more concerned with the perks they get from Nestle in the form of contributions to their libraries and other organizations.
The governors can stop this water diversion. If they get enough feedback from those of us who have the foresight to know that this interference with a natural water system can dry up wetlands, creeks and rivers and seriously lower the water level of Lake Michigan interfering with commercial shipping and other water transportation - maybe they will reconsider.
Why should Nestle get richer by taking what is owned by the public and leaving us and our children to suffer the consequences? This is just the beginning of the water wars to come and must be fought now before it sets a precedent that cannot be undone. Nestle is a powerful corporation, but we must let those who can stop this know that we, the public, care. Please help us. Spread the word, boycott Ice Mountain bottled water and check out ( ) for more ways to get involved."
Ted Twietmeyer


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