Why Doc and his Kind Can't Touch You

Why Doc and his Kind Can't Touch You
Mon Sep 13, 2004 19:42

Ghost Troop: The same reason they can't touch us.

You have friends above, and on the street.

You are not alone. The bad guys know which ever one of them is stupid enough to try to do you in, will in effect, sign their own death warrant, because you have back up.

You may not see it, but it's there. They that follow us, are in turned followed silently, from the air, and from the ground. You have no idea. So keep putting your good stuff out.

Don't stop and don't be afraid. This is what Doc Stovall would like you to do, and what you must never do.

Once you cross that line, you have no choice but to keep putting it out there, and keep going.

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